How much can a newbie earn on YouTube in 2015?

Your site is your rules, but also completely your problems with its development. 15 SEO experts in a previous article identified reasons that hinder the promotion of new resources. A slight mistake - and the advent of traffic is delayed indefinitely. And with it - and the planned income. But you can also use other people's sites for earnings, which do not need to be promoted! And sometimes it’s even faster for a beginner to make money using them ... Consider the nuances of attracting traffic from the second most visited site in the World - And Denis Konovalov (konoden) will help us in this.

Denis has been working with YouTube since 2009. The income screens of some of his channels, which he posted on the site, “YouTube gurus of the coaches YouTube 80 level” were quickly dragged across the network and are still used as examples of real earnings ... This screenshot for the period from March 23 to April 19, 2015 shows the income in $ 6,478.67 from one Denis channel on the subject of humor. From this figure, you still need to subtract 20% (media network income), but even without that the amount is not bad.

Denis claims that even in the crisis year of 2015, even a beginner will reach a level of income from $ 1,000 to $ 4,000 in 3 months. This is when working with a YouTube affiliate through media networks using other people's videos ...

But after all, traffic from YouTube channels can and should be redirected to sites. And here the earnings figures can be several times higher ... Of course, a small percentage of viewers viewing jokes or pranks will go to the website of house building specialists. Yes, and place an order! But Aleksey Zemskov, recording thematic videos from apartment repair professionals, got his fame and popularity as the number one specialist in Podolsk.

In order to find out the prospects and clarify the situation regarding earning money on YouTube in 2015, we took a short interview from Denis ...

How much can a newbie earn on YouTube, what are the investments and prospects?
For a simple person who is just starting to work with YouTube and working correctly, there will be such a development:
  1. The first month of work - earning $ 0. By the end of the month, he will connect the channel to the media network. This is the preparatory period of work.
  2. The second month of work - earnings from $ 100 to $ 1,000 on average (depending on the subject, intensity and efficiency of work). It takes 1-2 hours a day.
  3. The third month of work - earnings from 1000 to 4000 dollars on average.

You are optimizing your earnings and already understand which videos are most effective for earning you money.
This is what concerns making money on other people's videos (gray channels). On author’s channels, the situation is different and everything will depend on the quality of the video, topics and the effectiveness of working with the channel. For channels with other people's videos, it’s not difficult to select high-quality videos that will gain views.

Which content is better for a beginner to choose: author or someone else?
Foreign content is a high risk, but usually faster, bigger and easier to get income. Authoring content - more work, longer development of the channel, but low risk of ban. A channel with author’s content can be connected to Adsense, a channel with other people's videos is best monetized through media networks. If a person is creative and wants to record video, he can try to create author's content. If a person has found a topic that is interesting to him, but he cannot or does not want to create a video, it’s worth working with other people's videos.

What is the work strategy: to make 100-200 channels and upload thousands of clips or 1-2 channels with an emphasis on quality?
I am a supporter of a development strategy with a focus on quality. Regardless of which channel it is: author or gray. My strategy is this: I create several channels in different niches. I upload 30-50 videos to them and leave them to collect the trust. I am actively working on the development of 1-2 channels, pulling up on a little others. But gray content is unofficial, so in case of problems on the main channel, I switch to spare ones ...

What are the most promising niches in 2015?
These are cartoons, melodramas and films, humor and jokes. Spring 2015 trend - news in Ukraine and pranks. By the way, news channels are one of the safest in terms of obtaining copyright strikes. For example, all materials from the Kremlin’s website are licensed under a Creative Commons license that permits the legitimate use of videos for commercial purposes. There are other popular niches in which it is absolutely legal to make money on other people's videos. If readers will be interested - I can prepare a review of niches with an analysis of income, strike risk, competition, work complexity.

And what to do in case of strike or ban channel? In addition, there are cases when strikes are “thrown” not only by the copyright holders, but also by the plaintiffs who do not have copyright to this video. Or the channel is blocked due to violations that were not ...
If the channel was banned illegally, then you need to file a restore request: . Unfortunately, for some reason, some channel owners think that they must write in English, and their request is unlikely to be considered. Therefore, they do nothing ...

If the channel is in the media network - you need to write in support and ask for help. Of course, if you are sure of your innocence and have not used someone else’s video.

Strikes can be challenged by filing a counter notice. If the strike is legal - there is an opportunity to agree on its removal by contacting the copyright holder. By the way, foreign authors are more willing to meet the offenders.

Everyone knows about the value of VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, but the social network Google+ is rarely used to promote on YouTube and Google. How to effectively use this tool?
The minimum goal is to draw up your plus page associated with the channel. And publish notes on it. Create a circle of TOP fans on the channel and receive feedback from them, ask for their opinion, and hold online meetings with them. Here is a good example of promoting a company’s image in the Google ecosystem:

You also need to create circles and communities on Google+. The effect will not keep you waiting!

What are the main mistakes that hinder promotion on YouTube?
The main mistake is the approach “and it will do so”, it’s a sinful thing and often do it ... This is non-system work with the channel, ignoring the aspects of video optimization, quantity instead of quality, reluctance to analyze statistics and make adjustments to the development of the channel. Another mistake: misunderstanding of the target audience (its interests), lack of imagination and creativity, copying other people's channels without changes.

What videos are best ranked: what to look for when preparing videos?
The main ranking factor is an indicator of audience retention. The longer the average video viewing time and the more people watch it to the end, the higher YouTube puts this video in the search results. It’s important not the number of views, but the total retention of the audience. The more interesting and better the video, the easier it is to promote it in the search. The technical side of optimization is largely taken from classic SEO, because the video viewing page is a web document. YouTube’s algorithms are still largely based on the principles of search engines 5-7 years ago.

The topic is extensive, if you are interested, I’ll do a checklist for preparing and uploading videos taking into account the basic principles of YouTube -SEO.

How does the ranking of videos depend on the number of videos and subscribers? What are the minimum indicators to strive for? And is it worth it to use cheat services?
There is no direct dependence, but these are all interconnected factors. Older and more active channels have more videos and subscribers, there is a constant audience that is involved in promoting the content. If there are a lot of active subscribers on the channel, they will watch the videos to the end, creating a good indicator of audience retention. And this is the basis for a good ranking of videos. I do not recommend using wrapping services.

How effective is video advertising on YouTube? What are the trends in Russia in 2015?
Over the past 2 years, the volume of the advertising market on YouTube in Russia has increased by 51%. In 2015, due to the crisis, there was a decrease in indicators in dollars, but in rubles the statistics are stable. Video advertising is the most effective form of advertising. Video can more fully present a product or service than text or a picture.

Should a company’s channel be connected to a media network?
If you plan to create a large channel, then the media network will be useful. She will appoint a personal manager who will solve the main issues, help with optimization, with the purchase of advertising and promotion.
In addition, the media network puts your videos in similar ones (on the right of the page and on the viewing screen after the video is completed). The media network ensures that the top 4 positions in related videos will take videos from your channel. Due to this, the number of views is increasing. Also, after the first strike, as a rule (!), Additional functions of the channel are not disabled (you can download videos for more than 15 minutes, put external links and personalized icons).

Cons - customers watch ads and think that the company is somehow petty. Take the same popular channel of Alexei Zemskov, which is categorically against affiliate programs. But you can connect an affiliate program, and do not even include ads. At the same time, you get all the benefits of connecting to a media network.

How not to waste traffic from YouTube and use annotations correctly?
There are several ways to bring traffic from YouTube to your site:
  1. From the video viewing page: link in the description, annotation with the link, user prompt, overlay, mention of the site in the video itself + call to action.
  2. From the channel as a whole: you can add links to sites on the About Channel page, they will be displayed in the channel header. You can also place a call to action in the description text on the “About Channel” page and in the description of playlists.

How to use annotations? First of all, remember the technical features of YouTube and do not make such mistakes:
  1. External links in video annotations can only be placed on sites associated with the YouTube channel (by using tricks, this restriction can be circumvented, but we won’t violate YouTube’s rules, right?).
  2. Annotations located at the bottom of the channel window of the channel trailer player can be blocked by the video scroll bar, and the channel icon on the right side. This will make it impossible to click on such an annotation and follow the link.
  3. Annotations do not work on mobile devices. Custom prompts work on all devices.
  4. Do not overlap the main part of the screen with information with annotations, this can cause irritation in the audience.
  5. The link leading to the site needs to be made noticeable: the annotation should contrast well with the background of the video, the text on it should be well read. The link in the description should duplicate the annotation and be located in the first two sentences of the description.
  6. Do not be intrusive, you do not have to struggle to beg the viewers to follow the link, open your website or make an order.
  7. When ordering ads on other people's YouTube channels, annotations with a link to your site will not work if the channel is not tied to the site. Therefore, you need to put a link in the description of the video, and in the video itself the host should say: “Follow the link in the description of this video” + makes a corresponding gesture at this moment.

Recommendations Track statistics in YouTube Analytics, watch for clickthrough rates, closures and clicks on annotations, as well as tips.

And yet, according to the annotations there are a lot of technical questions:
  1. Where to install them?
  2. What to write annotations in the text? There is a theory that when watching a video a person is so involved that direct calls to action work best: click, click, etc.
  3. Font options and annotations: color gamut of letters and background.
  4. The duration and installation time of the annotation ...

Well, I’m recording a short video with answers to questions about the effective use of annotations. Just keep in mind that in this example I’ll put the “Subscribe” annotation in the upper right corner - this is for a regular video.

But for a channel trailer, such an annotation will be blocked by player elements. This will make clicking on it impossible.

And, of course, the main question of this interview: how to make money on YouTube a lot and for a long time?)
Create your own studio for the production of cartoons, as Dmitry Komarov does.

We thank our interlocutor for answers and recommendations. In new publications, Denis Konovalov will review the best niches and reveal the principles of YouTube-SEO. Denis also invites everyone to his free school to work with YouTube .

We traditionally remind you that after attracting traffic to your site, do not forget to effectively increase conversion, including using our service .

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