U.S. mobile operators may begin to block ads

    Photo: E. Razumny / Vedomosti

    Currently, the mobile advertising market continues to expand. By the end of the year, analysts predict an increase in market volume to $ 70 billion. Some companies are very good at using the popularity of mobile devices to get additional funds. For example, Facebook has created its own mobile advertising system in two years, with annual revenue of $ 6.5 billion, Vedomosti reports .

    But mobile operators are not too good at making money on mobile advertising. Moreover, the revenues of telecom operators are reduced due to the expansion of offers with package tariffs and the need to constantly expand the bandwidth of their networks. Nevertheless, some operators are going to closely engage in the mobile advertising market. For example, Verizon paid $ 4.4 billion for AOL, the main reason for the purchase - the advertising platform of the acquired company.

    Other operators require content providers to share revenue. If the latter do not agree to such proposals, the operators make attempts to act on potential partners from a position of strength. So, the Israeli company Shine has developed a software package that allows you to block almost all advertising that is displayed on mobile devices (the exception is advertising on social networks). And some operators plan to use such an operating time in their own networks. One of the cellular companies has already announced its intention to implement this software. There are other options - for example, software that blocks ads on the entire operator’s network.

    According to such companies, similar steps are being taken so that customers can better control data on the Web. Shine developers claim that advertising traffic for a client can be 10-15% of all consumed (and paid) traffic.

    So far, the plans of telecom operators are not completely clear. Companies can either block the default ads for all customers. Or provide the client with a choice, and the user will be able to decide whether to display advertising content (and pay for it) or not.

    Content providers have the opportunity to respond to such actions by telecom operators. For example, Google has created a virtual mobile company, plus you can not provide the service to those of subscribers who block ads.

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