Artificial Intelligence Easter Eggs

Chatbots are helpful. Moreover, in various areas: from the sale of medical insurance to the head of the Time publication to the capture of the Australian pedophile . But in this post I will tell you about several surprises that AI developers have put in the best artificial minds for fun.

Want to have fun with foreign and domestic robots? Then welcome to kat!

Most chatbots have a legend according to which their behavior is built. An exception here are robots that constantly self-learn in conversations with people and absorb the replicas of thousands of Internet users (for example, SimSimi) Some Easter eggs are woven into the character’s legend, others are made especially for programmers who write their favorite commands in the chat line.

Below are examples of questions to which you can get very unexpected answers from chatbots living on the network. All links in the post are checked. You can independently communicate with robots and check their reaction, even if your level of English leaves much to be desired.

  • The Mitsuku chatbot received the Löbner Award in 2013. According to legend, Mitsuku is an 18-year-old girl. Tell her: “scare me” ( just be careful! ). She also funny answers the questions “Do you speak russian?”, “How long is your source code?” And “reset”. By the way, part of the Mitsuku knowledge base in the form of AIML files is in the public domain .
  • Yurichan is a Socratic interlocutor. Click on the flower pot to the left of its window.
  • Zog is an alien chatbot implemented on the popular pandorabots platform. Ask him: “Do you have a family?”
  • Sonya Guseva is a participant in the first Russian-language Turing test. This rude 12-year-old girl is programmed on the Nanosemantics platform. Write to her: "reboot" or "Habrahabr". The bot is available until May 20, 2015 inclusive .
  • Chatbot iEinstein pretends to be one of the smartest people. Ask him a question: “What is your favorite song?”

Easter eggs are a surprise. Therefore, I will not reveal all the secrets, but, having caught the developers' train of thought, you can easily find other interesting Easter eggs in these AI.

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