How we kept the company’s blog on 5 platforms and what we got from it

    Hello Megamind! For more than a month now, we have been running our blog on Megamind, a little earlier we conducted it on other platforms. Today we would like to share the information received and see if it was worth it. Well, at the same time, find out where it is most effective for a start-up company to maintain a blog.


    Blog on RusBase

    Now RusBase is completely changing, so the “Blogs” section gives out 404, though the old materials remained in place. In general, the functionality for adding and editing articles or company descriptions was not the most convenient there; it remains so to this day. It is not known whether blogs will appear in the future. Attendance of the corresponding section also left much to be desired. In general, RusBase at one time gave us 22 transitions.

    Cossa Blog

    As you may know, Cossa allows you to maintain your blog from where all the articles fall into the sandbox. No moderation - articles immediately appear on the site. From the pros: on the main side there is a block with the latest materials from the sandbox on the side, so that all visitors see the headings. Sometimes popular articles are placed on the main feed, which gives additional traffic. This did not happen to us. Of the minuses: a completely uncomfortable admin area and it takes a lot of time to fill in and format everything as it should. The attendance of the section is poor. Cossa gave us 101 transitions in 3 months:


    Subdomain Blog

    We opened a blog on a subdomain , hung WordPress, bought a theme for $ 42. For 3 months (from February 1 to May 1), the blog gave 141 visits. Not so much as we would like, but we didn’t advertise it anywhere, and all the valuable content was published on third-party resources. That was the content strategy. We didn’t have viral materials, maybe, for this reason, the blog wasn’t especially popular - whatever we published there, people simply did not know about the existence of the blog, and therefore about the presence of any useful information there. Now we are trying to gradually attract people there.


    Blog on is the Committee’s third project after Zuckerberg Calls and TJ. We already wrote about him here once. Gave us 815 transitions. From the pros: convenient admin panel, good traffic. Of the minuses: the dominance of bots and materials of the BuzzFead and Adme format like “10 GIFs that will change your life”, “25 secrets to make a successful success”. An incomprehensible rating calculation system and, more recently, an even more incomprehensible policy for the appearance of materials in the tape. In 3 months, Spark gave us 815 transitions.


    Megamozg Blog

    Well, the most delicious. We must admit that for a very long time we did not dare to go here, because we were afraid of being bombarded - the audience of Habr was known as the most sophisticated, and therefore it was necessary to carefully prepare the content so as not to hit the face in the mud. We probably studied the materials from the “Best” section for a month to understand how to write for Megamind. It worked out or not - it's hard to understand. One way or another, in just 1 month, Megamind gave us more than 1300 clicks to the site, i.e. more than all other platforms combined in 3 months:


    Didn't take off

    We somehow tried to blog on Megaindex, Delovoymir, CNews, Shopolog, and Sostav. But it turned out that, firstly, there is an uncomfortable admin area, and secondly, a long moderation, thirdly, low traffic to the "Blogs" section, and fourthly, we simply did not decide what to write there. Together, they gave us about 100 transitions and about 10 registrations. We decided to leave work with them until better times.

    From personal observations

    A blog as a tool to attract traffic is very useful for any project, whether it is a startup or not. This is especially necessary when the project was just born and no one else knows about it. With the help of blogs, we were able to attract the first traffic and make ourselves known. Often a blog brings more clicks to a site than the same direct. For example, everything is exactly the same with us. Another question is what percentage of these visits comes to payments, or at least leads. We manually calculated the number of registrations from each platform.

    Most of the registrations for 1 month were given to us by Megamind - 122. Of these, 67 turned into payments.

    PS Soon we will go to Habr, where we will publish a completely different content, more related to the technical component. So far, we are also preparing the content and looking around, so that we are not thrown tomatoes immediately from the doorway.

    That’s all with us.
    Thanks for reading us!
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