Reflections on his work. Part two: “I want to work”

    And again, good day to all!
    Inspired by the comments on the first part of his article, as promised, I publish the second part.

    Here we talk about the following:

    - a small “debriefing” from the previous article
    - Entering the WEB
    - Current situation

    So, for the continuation, please go to the full news.

    Well, first of all I want to thank all those who responded to the previous article and left their comments. Thanks to you, many can read the sequel. Well, now, essentially.


    It will be a tedious matter to sort through all the comments that were written in the last part, but some are worth stopping by. Immediately I want to apologize for those thoughts that will be lower and further in the text, but ... I want to put my thoughts a bit on public display (discussion).

    So, the first comment that I would like to note is the comment of the respected denis_from_oks. I had a clear feeling of something painfully familiar. After a little reflection, I had to agree that this is the way ... of any "self-taught freelancer." Of course, now many can begin to argue that “self-taught” are not able to work in a team, and in general they will not be able to work in institutions, as one of my colleagues said (because of this, we constantly had disputes - who is better, he’s with “ tower ”, or I'm from secondary secondary education).

    I agree with you a little, out of respect, so to speak. The thing is that, in fact, I myself belong to such people. It all started with a simple repair of computers to friends / acquaintances of friends, both hardware and software. Further, when I had already gained a little experience and acquaintances, a little more serious work went on - helping to build a network, setting up the operating system for specific tasks, and so on. When I realized that IT is the element in which I want to work, and I really like it (and God be with him, that sometimes you come home so exhausted and dirty that even here, on the rug, I’m ready to sleep ), I began to prepare myself for more serious work - to read books on repair and tuning, to search for programs, to train - well, along the way, read articles and forums, including here. Over time, I began to understand such things,
    A bit of experience
    As I remember now, the first thing that annoyed me very much was the crimping of the network cables. I was constantly confused, everything turned out wrong, nothing worked, for hours picking a piece of iron, and then it turned out that I had mixed up the pair or not fully pressed the connector. At one point, this situation is annoying enough. For several days I tried to memorize color pairs by heart ... It didn’t work. Then he decided to combine business with pleasure - he squeezed and looked at the examples, then left a couple of samples for himself and dragged them with him. Over time, the habit of peeping disappeared, but the skill remained, which is very pleasing. Well, now you can safely do such work.

    Continuing the topic of “self-study” (and I will continue to reflect on it, possibly in one of the following parts), one should note a certain cold attitude of the employer when hiring. For example, in my case, I had to work hard to notice me (see partially the first part) and after a trial period (while the main administrator was on vacation) to take a full-time job. It helped, as I now understand, that I had a desire to study, I was interested in how this or that mechanism / program works, and how the enterprise’s IT structure was built in general. Also, the administrator played a better job and was about to quit.

    Well, okay, I deviated a little from the course that I asked at the very beginning. Well, back to the comments.

    The next person who wanted to pay attention was a user with the nickname Civilwho addressed the topic of company size. Well, on this occasion, I would like to conduct a little thought, since questions arose. Specific example. When applying for a job, I was checked by the system administrator who worked at this enterprise, and the head of the department. The enterprise itself has a total of about 120 computers scattered throughout the district + approximately 50-55 computers in the city and + 20 computers in the building, where, in fact, I work. In total, we have 190-195 computers, well, you can still throw 10 servers and 5 intermediate transfer stations from zonal nodes. We have a medium-sized enterprise, but it is ... a branch. And so in every district. Why all this text? The question is - what, in that case, is an enterprise considered to be if it is a branch?

    Well, with the analysis of comments over. Now let's get down to the rest.

    Entry into the WEB industry.

    Entry into the world of the WEB industry and in particular development I started about six months ago. Why only recently have I noticed this? Everything is very simple. The first time after employment, I completely devoted myself to work. Often at nights he sat on remote access, testing this or that equipment and programs. And I liked it. By setting up a particular software or piece of hardware, you get an indescribable feeling of joy and especially euphoria when this software or equipment worked properly. Since software is primarily for internal use, instructions for it can not be found on the Internet. I had to comprehend everything myself, “googling” common mistakes and trying to speculate, connect the test results and this error and find the “root of universal evil”. But, believe me, after a successful launch of all software / equipment, and solving those problems

    From personal experience
    The most memorable was setting up a 1C database and transferring internal information between the databases, and the subsequent integration of data into a small console application that controlled exchange operations. Frankly, I do not remember the more persistent and long process of setting up and testing everything and everything that is connected with this very base ...

    But, again, I deviated from the topic, moving forward to the web industry. After a long and painful action with settings and adjustments, finally, all the tasks that I set for myself were solved, and with a calm soul I was able to go on vacation for 1.5 months. I went to Italy, visited Karelia, in St. Petersburg, admired the drawbridges. Vacation was a success!

    After arriving from such a trip ... it became boring !!! Ahead is another 2 weeks of free idle time. What would you like to do useful? That's right, to learn something new, so that the brain does not relax, but works to its fullest.

    And this new for me was the world of web development. You may already have noticed that I use the concepts of “web development” and “web industry”. I think that these concepts are a single whole, that is, the web industry is developing thanks to web development, which brings new and interesting things to the world of the web. Here in the field of development, I wanted to try myself.

    The first and most terrible mistake for me was the wrong way to learn. For some reason, I wanted to configure the server for various OSs, run various services, pick configs, and so on and so forth. Instead of real learning advanced technology.

    Soon, when the knowledge in the field of servers increased slightly, I began to look closely at the freelancers exchange. Alas, oh, the road there for me was closed, because all the tasks were either too complicated, or there was too much probability of being “thrown” by the next customer. As a result, I stood at a crossroads - I think it was as it were, but I did not understand how and where to apply it. It was decided to open my small project and pick it myself slowly, day after day honing my skills and creating new configs for my collection.

    One fine day they called me ... and pulled me out, saying that tomorrow they would go to work ... Ehh, 2 weeks passed like an instant, and only an almost black tan showed me a vacationer.
    With the exit to work, a small load appeared in the form of long-sent updates, a lot of erroneous data and a little crazy equipment ...

    A month passed ... Almost all the problems were solved, only the scheduler had a couple of daily tasks that can be easily automated, but these are so subtle tasks that the slightest inaccuracy turned the entire base inside out. Only reconciliation line by line with the report. It took about 1-2 hours a day.

    There is time, why not continue picking at servers and comprehending new unknown programs and services? Or is it better to read smart programming books? Or see what video lesson? As you can see, the mass of options.

    Started with books. PHP5 in the original, PHP through the eyes of a hacker and the rest ... It's hard to understand what the author writes - you have to google, and google has even more terms and concepts, so you can get lost at all. I started to watch the lessons - but when after 2-3 author’s lessons I literally lulled down in the chair - I realized ... it’s time to take up the practice!
    Worked according to the method - Purpose - Information - Implementation. Quite quickly I was able to delve into some elements, which I did not understand — I left it for dessert, taking it apart at the end of the week. So I study from time to time, preventing the brain from falling asleep from idleness.

    Now let's move on to the real state of affairs . Here I will be as brief as possible.

    What we have?
    - Favorite work, which is a pleasure to come to.
    - My favorite team, which is very close-knit, young, and well trained. - My
    favorite hobby is developing and studying scripts for personal use.

    What I have in my plans:
    - To create my own little cozy blog on which I will publish my articles.
    - gather a team of like-minded people who will help with the programming of the blog system
    - continue in-depth study of PHP and pay attention to the frameworks

    That's all for now, for this part. If I didn’t live up to your expectations, please forgive me and point out those shortcomings that are in the design. In the meantime, I'll think about the topic of the next article. For the plans, I ask you not to severely execute - if anyone is interested, then I will be able to describe in stages all the elements that I do. For some, this will be an example of how to do it, or maybe how not to do it.

    Until we meet again in the vastness of Megamind. And I do not say goodbye!

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