It is planned to attract foreign companies to implement the software import substitution program

    On April 24, the annual expanded board of the Ministry of Communications was held in Moscow . Among the topics that were actively discussed was the import substitution program. The head of the Ministry of Communications, Nikolai Nikiforov and Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, said they were counting on the help of foreign companies in implementing the program.

    Dvorkovich said that sectoral plans for the civilian component of import substitution are almost ready:

    “Of course, these are quite lively documents, and they will be adjusted. Nevertheless, there are already basic lists of services and products for which it would be rational to implement the import substitution project. ”The

    Vice Prime Minister also explained that there are already tools to support large domestic IT projects: the Infokominvest fund, high-tech parks, IT parks, RVC venture funds , Skolkovo fund with its IT cluster, universities, and grant support tools.

    “I urge you to do this openly - without focusing on individual, beloved companies. In particular, it is possible to work with our foreign partners on the basis of the principles of mutual benefit, but naturally, with certain reservations and restrictions that exist in certain areas, ”added Dvorkovich.

    Nikolai Nikiforov explained in more detail the idea of ​​cooperation with foreign companies, reports CNews. Nikiforov opposed the support of individual Russian companies. He believes that it is necessary to create international associations. This will help to implement faster.import substitution plan in all its directions:

    “In this mode, we plan to support the development of mobile and server operating systems, DBMSs, office documents and collective work management systems, and some other types of products. I want to say that not only the BRICS countries want to participate in this. Interest in this program is already indicated by many, many other countries. ”

    According to the minister, work in this direction is already underway. Now it is necessary to obtain grants from the Government.

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