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    At Megamind again, Founder’s Tips .

    This time, the hero of our column was Ilya Osipov, one of the founders of the educational platform . Ilya has extensive experience in organizing web business - in 1999 he launched , which still exists.

    Even now, in addition to the main business, Ilya is engaged in several projects at once: Numbuster , , , however, he admits that most of the time is spent on i2istudy.

    Ilya says that the technologies of human communication, motivation and gamification have always been of the greatest interest to him, so he has high expectations for his current project.

    I was asked to give advice. But I honestly doubt the intrinsic value of any advice from one founder of the project to another. The future is uncertain, and this is definitely not the past. Take a recipe from the past and apply it to the future, and you won’t succeed. This is especially true for those who are really developing something new, regarding innovations and startups.
    The best and most intelligent experts with a wealth of knowledge from the past are not able to evaluate promising ideas. Everyone knows how Sergey Brin and Larry Page tried to sell their search on Yahoo! and how experts “evaluated” them.

    Examine the biographies of the most successful people and repeat. See what happens. I do not believe that there are any specific recipes for success, for each recipe, there is a story that refutes it. Each successful person, the creator of the project, has his own unique success. It is with Tolstoy that all happy families are the same. Successful people are just different.

    You can probably highlight the general principles. The main thing is attitude to risk

    Startup, any any innovative project is a risk. By definition. Any business is a risk, but a startup is a risk squared.

    If you are not able to accept the risk and live with it, or you have no idea how to live without knowing what the future will be tomorrow, then you don’t need to do all this.

    Entrepreneur startup, must understand the degree of risk. Yes, the success rate of the project is not high. Yes, most likely nothing will work. But after that you need to throw these thoughts out of your head and stop doubting. Doubts are very disturbing. I saw people who continued to do projects and suffered from doubts every minute.

    If you can take the risk and start to do the project, regardless of whether it works out or not, “Velcom”

    The remarkable philosopher Kurt Vonnegut has such an idea with the name "ESIA", or "Worldwide desire to materialize." VSOS - this is what creates the Universes from nothing, makes nothing stubbornly strive to become something.

    In principle, I think that this: “The Global desire to materialize” is characteristic of all living things and all people

    Most do not try to materialize, fulfill their desires, create, create ... out of fear. Fear, like the force of friction, is opposed to the whole movement.

    Perhaps this is right, everyone can not risk it. Civilization of people is enough that a couple of percent are at risk, and hundredths of a percent achieve success.

    The rest are just replicating.

    But if, in spite of everything, trying to be realized is important for you, just live it, casting aside doubts.

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