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    Today I will tell you how a team of 3 people came up with and implemented an Internet project in 3 months. Our idea is to create a platform for posting rental advertisements for any item, starting with transport and ending with garden tools. This idea came to the mind of the two founders almost simultaneously, which is why we grabbed it and got to work.

    It is worth noting here that we had little experience in developing Internet projects and mobile applications, namely two sites, one of which completely failed in theory and six applications. We did all these projects during the year, it was a very valuable experience for us, since before that no one had faced the development of mobile applications in general.

    So, we had a common idea that everyone understood the same way, this is a very important point, since the absence of problems with the project’s vision helps to reduce the discussion time in the development process by several times. Having discussed the structure of the project, we proceeded to sketches.

    In order to start the technical side of the project as soon as possible, all the most important pages were drawn as quickly as possible:
    - Home;
    - Page with the announcement;
    - Adding ads;
    - Editing a profile.

    The general visual concept of all pages was immediately adopted. After which we together wrote a short statement of work and gave it along with the sketches to development.

    In turn, the designer continued to finish the rest of the pages and look for nice visual solutions, which in turn would be easy to implement. That's what he did.

    Home page


    Page with the announcement


    In parallel with the design, work began on the heading. The rental market was analyzed by googling rental companies and compiling, based on their catalogs, large sections, which turned out to be 11.
    Transport and accessories
    Hobbies and leisure
    Children's goods
    Clothing, shoes and accessories
    For business
    Celebrations and holidays
    For home and summer house
    Construction and Industry
    Electronics and Technology

    Some sections were further divided into categories, and these categories into headings. In total, it turned out about 367 headings. On the one hand, this is incredibly much, but on the other, it turned out to divide the goods in such a way that the perforators do not lie on the same shelf with tennis rackets.

    The first menu designs appeared.


    The resulting menu was reminiscent of Amazonian. Immediately I recalled an old article " The riddle of the drop-down list of" Amazon "."

    In order to somehow facilitate the search for the necessary sections and headings when adding an ad, it was decided to select them semi-automatically based on the keywords from the title.


    To do this, it was necessary to collect keywords related to products from all available headings. For example, for the section “Water Sports” we selected the following keywords:
    wakeboard, wakesurf, wakesurfing, wakeskate, windsurfing, kiteboard, kitesurfing, nibord, sailing board, flyboard, aquasiper, pedalo, waterboat, surfing, water skiing, hoverboard, hoverboard , sapsurfing.

    Next to this list are added duplicates with the letter "ё", where it occurs, cases, as well as units. and many others number. The search goes in full coincidence with the keyword, if no match is found, then the entered title is sent to the admin panel and we manually decide which word to include in the keywords.

    Sections, categories, headings, keywords and SEO were collected in one table, which we later parse by substituting the previously prepared database of cities for SEO. By the way, from SEO, on the recommendation of, the meta keywords tag was excluded.

    Counting on the fact that not only companies, but just people can become our users, we have prepared a special lease agreement, which everyone can edit and change at his discretion. You can download it by reference or in your profile, after registration.

    A few words about the technical side:
    Interpreter: Python 2.7
    Framework: Tornado
    Database: MongoDB
    Driver for the database: Motor This
    whole thing is launched through supervisord and proxied to nginx

    So, we were approaching the launch of the project. At the very beginning, we thought about promoting the project, all this time, while the main development was going on, we collected ideas for promotion, now it is time to draw up a promotion program from the ideas put forward. Since everyone was very busy, we thought about looking for a PR specialist, offering him some share in the project. The requirements for the PR manager were as follows:
    - from Omsk (since we are in Omsk);
    - education or experience in PR;
    - undisguised interest in Internet projects;
    - knowledge of SEO (preferably);
    - knowledge of English (preferably).

    Only 3 people responded to the vacancy, although the total viewing exceeded 600. The vacancy was prepared as openly as possible, we showed the presentation of the project, told at what stage of development we are and what tasks the future partner is facing.

    The first meeting with each of the candidates was promising. All of them were extremely interested, full of ideas and enthusiasm, but only one had experience in the field of public relations. Nevertheless, we asked each of them to prepare a brief program for promoting the project for the next meeting. To
    the conversation on it went in more detail, we designed and described in more detail all our ideas for promotion. A few days later it turned out that the task was impossible for 2 out of 3. The remaining candidate brought to the meeting a program tailored to offline events, for example, there were such items:
    - mailing leaflets to mailboxes;
    - souvenir products for rental companies;
    - graffiti in an urban environment;
    - shooting a promotional video;
    - advertising on regional TV.

    After calculating the budget, we decided that this format was not suitable for us, and we, frankly, were convinced that at first it was necessary to advance exclusively online, with which our candidate did not agree. This cooperation was completed.

    Responsibilities for PR were divided between the two members of the team, and we again remained the three of us.

    So we came to the launch of the project, which coincidentally coincided with the Runet’s birthday.

    In the following articles we will tell you how to launch the application for iOS. And reveal the secret of the promotion program.

    Friendly waving team,

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