My Univer - why and for whom do we make educational application designer

    ... many, many years ago (back in 2010) the idea of ​​an educational platform that gives its resources to everyone who wants to create a new educational project was not taken seriously. After 4 years, in November 2014, we opened the My Univer platform for everyone. And we are ready to take the final step to become a full-fledged designer of educational mobile applications ...

    The history of My Univer as a project has more than one year. The ideas underlying it all this time have been developing and transforming along with the growing up of the project itself - from the mobile application for students to the University in your pocket, presented at the Apps4All forum in 2012to a technology platform that simplifies the creation of educational mobile applications using the My Univer REST API .

    Today, we are closer than ever to becoming a full-fledged educational platform that can simplify the creation of educational applications by 1 click, while allowing us to create much more complex projects, such as corporate universities, in just a few days. All this was made possible by introducing modern concepts of software product development into education - from cloud platforms to mobile application designers.

    The main idea of ​​My Univer is to give everyone the opportunity to publish their content in the form of a professionally designed educational product. This task is solved by the designer of educational mobile applications, which allows anyone to publish their application (first of all, to a teacher) who does not have programming skills.

    But we decided not to stop there, and to make a platform that implements the capabilities of applications available for use in the form of services . Thus, with a minimum of programming knowledge, it becomes possible to quickly and easily create more complex educational products that go beyond the scope of pre-prepared templates.

    It’s really easy to develop applications on the platform of My Univer - the first was confirmed by Artyom Ryzhkin, a 4th year student who created a fairly popular application as a term paperI want to know everything (more than 13,000 downloads on Google Play). Subsequently, Artyom joined the project team and published 15 more Android applications in the direction he opened under the name Expert .

    At the same time, the simplicity of development does not harm the quality of the product being created. Confirmation of this is a corporate university, which we created as part of a pilot project in the form of a web service and a mobile application in just 4 days , and providing training for more than 1800 people in 400 branches of the customer company throughout Russia.

    An important difference between My Univer and similar platforms is that they are not only technological solutions available as services through the REST API of My Univer, but also content and audience are the components necessary for the successful launch of any educational project. Thus, creating an educational application with the help of My Univer, you can not only get a ready-made solution to technical problems “out of the box”, but also satisfy the need for educational content, and most importantly, get instant access to the segmented target audience of your potential users.

    By the way, right now, users of My Univer are in 19 countries and represent more than 1700various educational institutions. And every day there are more and more of them. And the users themselves are segmented not only by geography (and the educational institutions in which they study), but also by their educational preferences. Simply put, we know not only where the user is studying, but also what content is most in demand in the learning process.

    The basis of My Univer’s content is a structured factual knowledge base that allows not only quickly finding the right amount of knowledge, but also automating the process of creating test materials, in other words, tests . At the same time, the use of factsas a basic unit of content, it allows you to form more complex entities from them using various techniques , which are algorithmic logic embedded in the constructors of educational materials and the mechanics of the application. The knowledge base of My Univer is constantly expanding, and covers more than 600 subjects (both humanitarian and technical).

    Together, this creates unique opportunities for the creation of new educational products and their delivery to the final consumer. All that is required is to connect to My Univer !

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