Android or ios - choose a system for writing a prototype mobile application

    Our team, working on the Surprise Me project , begins to prepare for the stage of writing an application that will be laid out on the sidelines.

    Disagreements arose in the team and each has its own arguments. One says that on ios there is a more solvent audience and this is a great chance to check if the audience is willing to pay for our service. Another argues that there are more people on android in Russia (we absolutely agree on this) and we can find out how popular our service will be.


    I have counterarguments for both statements:
    1. By writing a paid prototype application, people will not pay for it, because it will be far from ideal, at least in our understanding. I do not want to fall face down into the mud and immediately place a negative attitude towards myself. At the same time, working on creating the perfect product without testing intermediate hypotheses contradicts the customer development methodology, which I strongly believe in the effectiveness.
    2. If we write an application on android and it will be popular - this does not mean that people will be ready to pay for it. As a result, we can formulate false conclusions for ourselves.

    Dear readers, our team will be grateful if you express your opinion in the survey below. We will also be very glad to hear your arguments on choosing a system for the application in the comments.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    On which system to write a prototype application?

    • 20.8% of course ios 57
    • 35.4% all power in android 97
    • 43.7% I'm just curious to know the result 120

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