Notes by a novice resuscitator. ASO

    The setting sun with curiosity stared at the monitor, glare, hindered. Gulya Analitikovna and I buried our noses at the screen, trying to make out a splash on the application setup graph.
    - Where, you say, your ad came out? - Gulya moved slightly to the left, blocking the sun.
    - Here ...
    - I do not see ...
    - Here I do not see ...

    We together moved closer and hit our heads.
    - Pancake! - I rubbed the temple. - So concussion does not get long.
    “It would be something to shake ...” Gulya muttered.
    - What ?!
    - Optimizing the page in stores, I say, when will you do it? You obviously have users somewhere along the way get lost.

    - So the guys promised.
    - These are those who shouted loudly on Facebook that they were ready for free for a portfolio, and then merged silently? Well, yes, yes ... Wait.
    I sighed. Of course, I would like competent people to help me with the page, but judging by the behavior of these comrades, I should not rely on them from the word “completely”. If a company, in principle, allows itself to dynamize customers, even if it’s free (most of which can be transferred to the category of potential, or even real), it can fail even at a more crucial moment already on a paid project. They would say: “Sorry, changed your mind, scored more interesting projects for our portfolio” - yes, no problem! I would only respect that they are so thoughtful about their project and that they did not forget to warn. And so ... Good luck to them, cho.
    But I myself did not want to engage in optimization categorically. In addition to the knowledge of deciphering the abbreviation, in the luggage there was only marketing experience in general and several advertising campaigns in AdWords, which were not the most successful, frankly. Understand ASO as well?
    - The cat also wept over the transitions from advertising to landing. - I continued sluggishly to resist, already realizing that for nothing. - So, before users are lost. Do you think optimization will save?
    “Thinking is not my job!”
    - It is visible ...
    - What ?! - soared Gulya.
    - Well, I say, I will do it! Only later, when will I finish the next version of the application.
    “What is the connection ?!” - Judging by the tone, it touched her tightly. - Come on, come on, not philo! How long is it to sort it out, sit down and do it?
    “She said it would be,” I smiled conciliatoryly. - You better tell me, is it worth it to start advertising, if it exhausts zero?
    Gulya, still crunching under her nose, sat down in a chair opposite, fiddling, supposedly settling in ... But it was already visible - she left. She is generally resourceful.
    - If one like you was piled the last time - it’s not worth it.
    “Are you talking about the review that I ruled, and which still came out with a crooked headline?” Well, this is some kind of nonsense, the rest are quite sane guys with whom I worked.
    - Remind me how much you paid for it? - Gulya sarcastically inquired.
    “Well, so ...” I was embarrassed. It was a shame to admit that I get paid for it too. - A piece.
    - In business, a wasted penny is already a lot. And here, not only did you have to delete the text after them, but also listen to the indignation that you dared to be dissatisfied with their work.
    - Yes, I already understood, I realized that these guys are going to the same forest as the asoshniki! Stop sawing. In the case, what do you say?
    Gulya got up again and went to the table.
    - Well, show the schedule of installations again. Where do you say the ads came out?
    - Where, where ... Do not run into a rhyme! None of them worked, never even a hundred installations were there, and people write that they had thousands. Why is it wrong with me ?!
    - Why, why, don't run into a rhyme.
    I hung, trying to figure out what indecent word she had in mind. Although in terms of vocabulary, Gulya could attach anyone - the daughter of Google himself, not anyone.
    In general, a strange situation with this application ... It seems to have done everything that experienced marketers advise - and there were reviews, moreover, on very popular sites. And hung the news in large publics - both thematically-literary, and android. And even a month banner hung on a decently visited site. This is not to mention the support of our publishing audience, of which hundreds of five goals will be typed, and if Fantlab is counted - with him under a hundred thousand users ... And what? But nothing! The maximum of installations fell precisely on the first announcement on Fantlab - it is a shame to admit, but there were 33 of them per day. Is there really a problem in the store page?
    Gulya was silent, looking at the graph, changing sections and samples.
    - Is it worth it to resuscitate this application in general? - without looking into her eyes, I asked quietly. “Maybe it’s already that ... Huh?” Hands fall. Maybe in vain I’m preparing an update,
    I’m spending time on it? .. Yes ... I already thought about this topic, I thought ... In time to say “Stop” is important if it’s not a hobby. But has this time already come? Or can a patient still be returned to our mortal world, and has a long, happy and bright life ahead of him?
    - And what stops? - just as quietly and without taking her eyes off the monitor, returned Gulya's question.
    - You see, I still believe that the idea is good. What is an application people need. Maybe a little, but if there are five thousand active users, we can assume that it took place. Is it really unrealistic to score so much?
    “Have you tried everything for sure?”
    - Pancake! Yes, I will do the optimization! I will do !!!

    Five days later,

    if you look at the sunset through a glass of cognac, its color is difficult to describe, but banalism like “dark gold” or “amber” is even a shame to sound out mentally. Simple - the color "look at the sun through cognac." It will be necessary to advise designers - let them be included in the list where the color of the frightened nymph's hip color already appears ...
    - Well, how are you doing? - Gulya materialized behind my right shoulder. - I look, you drink cognac, not vodka. So it turned out?
    - And then! Look at the charts.

    “Did anything else these days?”
    - Nope. Well, the next author’s week has gone, so it is from Monday, and growth began immediately after I updated the pages in stores on Saturday evening. Yes, and not our first such week in the Taleidoscope - the past, there, already with the Booker nominee. Publicity covered well, but you see the result yourself.
    - Hmm ... So, this is a reaction precisely to the change of pages. Congratulations!
    I saluted her with a glass and took a sip. Still, Hennessy XO is good!
    - It was difficult to? - Gulya sat in the opposite chair.
    - Nope. I looked for keywords with a decent number of queries in the AdWords planner, selected from them those that can be smoothly inserted into the text. Then she sketched the text itself, trying to arrange everything with lists. I redrawn the screenshots, changed the name of the application to a banal, but saying "Library of science fiction" ... That's all.
    - The moral? - Smiled Gulya.
    I smiled back. What can I say? Eyes are afraid, but hands are doing. And in this case it turned out to be unimportant that I had neither knowledge nor experience. Common sense and one day of work, including reading a couple of articles on the topic. The result, of course, is not what the pros could give out, but my problem has been solved. I made a conclusion for myself - it’s worthwhile to turn to specialists in such matters for large-scale promotion, when all actions must be coordinated, and requests for keywords need to be constantly monitored. If it’s just about removing the significant, as it turned out, interference on the way of users to the application settings, then it’s really possible to cope on their own. But a poorly designed page, indeed, can multiply by zero all the promotion activity.
    - What do you think next? - Having read the answer from my satisfied physiognomy, Gulya continued the interrogation.
    - Retention should be increased so as not to lose new users in the application itself - here I want to build reminders. And the duration of the first session is too short and falls. I suspect that working during the first catalog update is inconvenient. I’ll change the content loading scheme and add a tutorial ... While the user is looking at it, the catalog will look, and it will be updated.
    - And what about the rest of the sessions?
    - They, too, are mostly short - they need to be increased, but I don’t know how yet. Then I'll think about it.
    “Then she will think ... Well, show me the chart by month.”

    - Hmm, a sad sight ... A heartbreaking sight ... A nightmare ...
    Well, who asked her? This mood is excellent - I managed to reanimate the patient, even if he doesn’t run yet, but you can already transfer to the intensive care unit ... No, just to be happy for me. Plans would be discussed later. In a day there, a week ... Although how much useful can be done for this day-week? ..
    - And how much do you want to increase? - Sensing my indignation, Gulya changed her silly tone to a business one.
    - Well I do not know. Just a little more to ...
    - Just a little more ... - Gulya mimicked. “Five minutes or half an hour?”
    I shrugged. How do you rate it?
    - What is your average session duration with conversions? .. Come on, come on ... Here it is, darling ... Look. The average for the entire period is 18 minutes, a bit too much. But if you throw out February with its 25 minutes and look at the last months, then in March it will be 10 minutes, in April it will be 8. So far, take these numbers. Do you get it?
    I nodded dumbfounded. Here is a smart, infection! Although there is a lot to know and be smart, there are two big differences ... But I did not speak about this out loud.
    - You still need to change the design ...
    - Yes. I want to try the material, but not in the next update, otherwise I will do it before the carrot jam.
    - It’s logical. Well, good luck! Call when you need me. - Waving goodbye, Gulya disappeared into the air.
    I looked again at the fading sun through the glass. From an applied point of view, sunset is meaningless, but beautiful. The numbers in the analytics table are ugly, but meaningful. But the application should be both meaningful and beautiful ... Beautiful, like looking at the sun through cognac.
    With a sympathetic sigh, the sun finally disappeared beyond the horizon. And the next, and not the last working night, was waiting for me - I need to finish updating ...

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