Why one clip is not enough

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Why one clip is not enough

Everyone knows that it is better to see once than to hear a hundred times. In our era of information congestion, this is especially true: we noticed that over the past couple of years, the demand for video has grown markedly. More and more companies are ordering video production to increase customer engagement, attract new users and increase sales. But for effective marketing, one bright video is often not enough. Why? Let’s remember what a sales funnel looks like:
Marketing Sales Funnel
Aerobatics - not only attract potential customers, but also guide them through the entire marketing funnel, supporting the interest in your offer through videos. What should these videos be - read the article that we at Alconost translated specifically for you, providing it with your comments and examples.

Top of the funnel: first acquaintance

The main task of the content created for the top of the funnel is to tell your target audience about the existence of a product or service that contains a valuable proposition for the client. Videos at this point should attract attention by showing the viewer a solution to the problem, rather than imposing your product. Video expliners are great for this (translator's note, italics hereinafter: we in Alconost call them “trailers.” In this video, we not only explain how the product works, but also focus on its very essence: solving the viewer's problem and the most important features) . Here is a good example of such a trailer:

In addition to the required promotional videos, at this stage you can also create the following videos for your landing page:

  • How To videos: put one simple question “how to make X with Y” and answer it by showing three simple steps that the viewer must take to solve his problem. How to videos are best suited for this, for example:

  • humorous video: with the help of your company’s mascot figure, lead the audience around your office, introduce the team or show funny working moments. This allows you to attract the audience and “humanize” your brand ( but be careful, the essence of the product should not be lost in humor. And also remember that “nobody buys from clowns” );
  • video infographics : create a video presentation of a topic relevant to your industry. This is an effective way to provide reliable and interesting content to potential customers. Here is an example of a video infographic about the infographic itself, which at the same time allows us to unobtrusively promote the Alconost brand:

The middle of the funnel

Your main message should be focused on this level of the funnel. Here, potential customers can find out about your offer, evaluate it and ultimately move on to the action of buying your product or service. You have the opportunity to provide detailed information and help customers conclude that you have exactly the solution they are looking for.

This will help the following videos:

  • video with customer reviews: tell us how your product or service helped customers in their business;
  • product video demonstration: take time to explain in more detail the essence of the proposed solution. Here is an example of such a presentation clip :

  • case studies videos: reveal success stories - show how your customers got great results by using your product. For instance:

Funnel bottom

Videos not only help to “close” the transaction, but also create confidence among customers that they have made the right choice. Use the video to take care of the customer and strengthen relationships with him. Such videos are suitable for this:

  • video with frequently asked questions: make a video in which you answer questions that interest your customers most often;
  • Tutorials : illuminate any issues that may arise from your customers after purchase. This happens often, so it’s better to prepare. A high-quality video tutorial is visual and helps literally “explain on the fingers” all the nuances:

  • Product update videos: Keep your customers informed of any new developments, tariff packages, products or features that may contribute to your new purchase. Include special ads in your videos that might interest them. Here is a good example of such a video:


So, using the appropriate videos for each stage of the sales funnel, you seem to lead potential customers by the winding path from acquaintance with the product to purchase (and even after it). That's why just one video is not enough for a working sales cycle. At the same time, it is in your power to attract attention, create the desired image, establish and strengthen relations with the client - and all this with the help of video. And we at Alconost are ready to take on all the work of producing commercials, if that;)

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