How to write an article and get followers - 10 free and easy to implement tips

    The authors who merged karma, but before that risking to put in the sandbox their first publication is dedicated.

    1) Come up with a yellow intriguing headline

    The text of the article may not be directly related to the title, but the title should be catchy. The more readers read the article, the better. And hits in karma are a normal distribution phenomenon . Those. the more readers, the lower the likelihood that karma will be permanently clammed. Who does not take risks, he does not receive pluses. To karma. (C) BizDev .

    2) Do not waste time selecting illustrations

    More and more readers are reading text from mobile devices. The mobile version does not display text before the habrakat, however, like pictures. You can not go out with the text parameter of this tag, the button will not appear in the mobile version.

    Do not try to optimize images. Readers are IT professionals, they have unlimited traffic, and there is plenty of space on the habrastroraj. Do not forget: you have almost no effect on layout, and on the QHD / qHD display, the squeezed pictures will look wretched.

    3) Time is money

    The main task of the author is to convey the idea to the reader as quickly as possible. The uttered thought is a lie (C) F. Tyutchev. Why then hone the wording and coherence of the narrative? Do not pay attention to typos and inaccuracies. In no case, writing an article, do not postpone it to lie down. This is not a novel. Publish soon. Do not wait for prime time, after all, the antipodes are also people (C) UnknownType . You will still have the opportunity to edit the article after.

    2) Finely chop

    Copy the pieces of the brief several times in a future article. Rewrite these pieces each time with different words.
    Technical task
    in bird language of marketers.

    Don't have a brief? Well then, just write about what excites you. The reader will still read, and you will have a free session of psychoanalysis.

    Break the text into paragraphs, in one paragraph no more than three sentences. Break paragraphs into short sentences (for English up to 25 words, for Russian up to 40, for Chinese up to 25 characters. You can continue for other languages, but nobody reads up to this place, and I'm too lazy to look for studies of British scientists).

    7) Shuffle

    Lack of consistent storytelling logic wrap in cellophane revelations. If something goes wrong in the comments, you can always call the publication provocative and want to get feedback. As a last resort, the publication can be returned back to drafts.

    5) Repeat

    In order to better understand you, repeat the same thought in different words, do not hesitate to illustrate it with the same picture. To the question: Why? - answer: Leading propaganda experts recommend a repetition: a lie, due to the fact that it is eternally repeated, acquires a certain share of probability (C) J. Hebels. In addition, no one has canceled SEO promotion yet.

    3) Prove

    Use the links to the sites of the page that you want to promote as well (or just get more traffic there). By the way, the idea of ​​this article grew out of my spiteful commentary on translation. How did I make 6.2 million people view my articles and 144 920 people subscribe?

    6) Quote

    Quote - someone else's thought rented (C) I. Gerchikov. But we should be glad that the bill for quotes do not expose. Use quotes from well-known people in narrow target circles. Be sure to indicate authorship - this will put you on a par with them. If you do not know who the author is, write some last name, the reader will not notice. It is also appropriate to knock out phrases out of context to confirm your own thoughts. Dilute the thoughts of the great with your own quotes.

    4) Do more

    Add platitudes and water to taste. It is necessary to somehow reach the specified five hundred words. You can even make a digression - in extreme cases, the reader will receive more text for thought on the same page.

    9) The main thing

    The more chaotic the article will be, the more incomprehensible acronyms and terms will be in it, the more “smart” it will seem to the reader and the more zealously he will start to like and recommend it to friends.

    10) Conclusion

    Do not forget: the last phrase (C) Y. Semenov is best remembered - push readers to something. It is not necessary that this be related to the title. For example: open in a new browser tab . You can immediately close the tab - you do not care, and I am also pleased . Maybe one day, then, yagodkinvs will talk about increasing traffic.

    All the characters mentioned are given for the red words, the author does not have any benefit (direct, indirect, implied, material). The article is written in full accordance with the principles described in this article. Copyright remains with the copyright holders. In production, animals did not suffer.

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