Megamind Launches Startup Support Program

    Megamind knows firsthand what difficulties young projects face at the very beginning of their journey. It is difficult to calculate the number of interesting projects that did not “shoot”. The reasons for this are different: some could not properly declare themselves to the general public, others did not meet the right investor, others failed, trying to build an ideal team.

    To help young projects make themselves known, Megamind launches a startup support program . According to our plan, the program will help young projects to talk about their project with a wide circle of specialists, share the progress of product development, talk about building a team, ways to monetize and increase conversion ... And of course, increase the audience and gain new customers.

    So, as part of the startup support program, Megamind is ready to provide teams with a free subscription to project services, as well as support for other TM projects. To participate in the program, you must meet several conditions:

    • Startup operates in the information technology industry.
      We welcome teams involved in the development of web services, social networks, mobile applications, communication systems, data transfer and other technologies. If you are developing robotics or programming microcontrollers, contact a similar program on Habré.

    • A startup has a working prototype or a finished product.
      We are not ready to provide participation in the program if your idea exists only in your head or on paper. We are ready to support only those projects that have reached the functional stage and have formed in the form of an understandable story that can be “touched”. In this case, it does not matter whether the project is monetized or not.

    • The team is ready to share with readers the progress of the startup.
      Talking about how you solve problems and move towards your goal, you help others to avoid mistakes and get as quickly as possible from point A to point B, without filling up cones. Sharing experience and knowledge is the goal we pursue by launching a startup support program.

    If your project meets the above conditions, you can subscribe to the Startup tariff plan on a special page . The service is free and unlimited. Confidently feeling projects can take advantage of the expanded version of the subscription and purchase the “Giant” tariff, which gives more opportunities for working with the audience.

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