The company Slack turned to after hacking raised $ 30 million

    Duo Security, a company developing a two-factor authentication system for corporate clients, raised $ 30 million at the next stage of financing. The round led the Redpoint Ventures Foundation.

    Duo Security developments provide large companies with a platform for two-factor authentication of employees. Anyone who works in the company must not only enter a name and password, but also confirm their identity using a personal device.

    Today, 6,000 organizations use Duo Security services. Slack, a collaboration chat developer, turned to Duo Security after a hack in February , when user data and chat were at risk.

    The total investment in Duo Security since 2010 has been $ 48 million. Last September, the company raised $ 12 million. Funds are needed for further development: “The security industry, as it exists today, is already broken,” said a company representative.

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