The death of an online chat or 10 new commandments to communicate with users


    Alas. The online chat market is out of date. It would seem that most companies only recently began to use them, and here they say to you - " everything is outdated and requires new solutions ." And you don’t seem to argue ... What exactly is outdated and what new solutions are needed for effective communication with customers? Let's see ...

    We analyzed the market of online consultants for sites and came to the conclusion that in many ways they simply repeat each other. Not surprisingly, more and more articles on chat inefficiency are appearing on the Internet. This is not a completely objective opinion. Rather, it’s exactly what the services give, their approach. In a previous article, we already discussed the primary issues . Let's go further…


    Leaders have already felt the change in the market and are happy to use new solutions, running ahead. Most of the companies, unfortunately, do not keep up with them. Many are forced to succumb to the most common proposals, because there are a lot of articles describing outdated solutions.

    1. Criteria of the past

    The main criteria that the online chat market meets today are:
    • Ability to insert a photo of the operator
    • Design customization
    • Active invitations
    • Statistics on visitors (where it came from, how much time it was)
    • Ability to transfer conversations between operators
    • Operator Status (online / offline)
    • Saving history (available only from one device)

    These commandments (criteria) of communication with customers were guided by the choice of chats a few years ago, but everything changed. The market needs new solutions to help guide the user through all stages of the sales funnel. Build effective interaction models for each stage. Chats in the classical sense no longer work and are a thing of the past. Many companies take advantage of this and publish relevant content, offering their supposedly correct solutions. Dialer services say - the best option is calls. Email newsletter services - what is better to generate leads and heat them by mail, etc. All this is far from objectivity and misinforms readers. In fact, they are being called on to abandon a productive channel of communication.


    We, the proponents of a systematic approach, decided to consider the problem from all angles. The following are our solutions that are necessary today for effective interaction with visitors.

    2. The Ecosystem

    We all know that our audience is completely different. Even similar segments may  differ in a number of ways . It’s easier for someone to call and agree on everything (by the way, this is not a common case), for someone to search for information on a website or blog yourself. Many are used to chatting. The busy ones are constantly “fleeing from you”; it is more convenient for them to continue communicating by mail.

    So why not let customers decide which is more convenient?

    Carrot Quest makes it possible to use chat and mail in one service. This allows you to draw the maximum number of your visitors into the conversation and spend them on the purchase. Recently, we wrote in detail about this. Use all communication methods in one system and create powerful synergy.


    The client is on your site - will write in a chat. It is in a hurry or it is more convenient to communicate by mail - all correspondence is duplicated by mail, there he can also answer.

    Most importantly, the client will have access to the history of correspondence on all devices and channels. Classic services do not know how. They can show the history of correspondence, if only the visitor logs in from the same device from which he was the first time.

    With Carrot Quest , the client can start communication from a computer, continue on mobile, and end via mail. Or in any other order.

    The new commandments formulated in this paragraph:
    1. Unified channel management system (chat, mail, call)
    2. An advanced history of correspondence, a visitor from different devices is recognized as one and the same person and can see the whole story.


    3. "Mass personalization."

    Today, one of the main tools of internet marketing is personalization. When we learn the interests, motives and personal data of the user to the maximum and we can individually contact him, building his proposal in jewelry.

    The best assistant in this is event analytics , which is exactly what Carrot Quest provides . The analysis is based on actions performed by the user. The entire history of the user’s actions on the site is recorded in his individual card in the service.

    Carrot Quest allows you to select and segment customers according to their actions :
    • pages viewed
    • clicks on buttons
    • filled in input fields on the site (it may be completed and not sent) - to the left email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
    • according to sources
    • by UTM tags
    • on payments made by users
    • by level of loyalty
    • and etc.

    You see what actions the visitor performed, what exactly he needs. If you take this into account when making proposals, your help will be much more effective , and the conversion to purchase is higher.

    For example, your operator saw that the visitor entered in the search bar on the site, but this is already enough to start the dialogue. Customers are glad that they are understood at a glance. When the offer is relevant, the conversion is higher. Imagine what you can do, knowing all the actions committed by the user. This model can be effectively used at all stages of the purchase (funnels)


    . For example, when working with a basket or a user’s wish-lists, when a customer has put the goods in the basket but has not completed the purchase. Knowing his interests, you can contact by name and offer similar products and solutions. Literally, help the user make a purchase.

    We have detailed information on how messages are sent.

    The new “commandments” of this paragraph are:
    1. Availability of data on all actions and user dialogs
    2. The ability to segment according to different data


    4. Communication automation

    You won’t do all the actions manually, especially if you have a huge number of visitors. Actions can and should be automated in order to capture the user in time, to concentrate his attention.

    Carrot Quest allows you to automate the communication process and configure trigger messages to chat, pop-up, mail. Knowing the actions that the visitor took and at what stage of the purchase he is at, you can create a very fine-tuning.

    For example, your client added a book to the basket but did not buy it. At the next visit, in the chat you can show this product, which will be already at a discount. Do you think the likelihood of a purchase will increase?


    To know for sure, you need to collect all statistics on automatic actions, test different options. We all know this well, but for some reason not everyone is doing it yet.

    New Commandments ”from:
    1. Setting up trigger messages for chat (for each stage of the funnel)
    2. Statistics for reading automatic messages


    5. Show pop-up and continue communication in it

    Carrot Quest offers a very fine-tuning of pop-ups, depending on the actions performed by the user and the stage of the purchase cycle.

    Imagine, at the right time, a window appears with relevant information for your client. No more annoying untimely windows.

    A window has appeared, your visitor has read the information and can now continue to communicate with the operator in the same window . Without going to other tabs. Chat is built into the POP-UP window.

    For example, offer a customer a cool teapot that he was interested in the day before. Show all the benefits of the acquisition. Here he will be able to ask to clarify all the points of interest to him: cost, delivery, operator's opinion about this teapot and much more.

    This is a great way to start chatting. There is only one commandment at this point:
    1. Show a personal Pop-Up at the right time and continue communicating in it


    6. Operators and analytics.

    Operators should be staffed to the maximum. A whole system of motivation, operator evaluation, as well as an analysis of the effectiveness of the chat are needed. Listed above is already an advantage, but there are a few more chips :
    1. Unlimited number of operators
    2. Mobile application for operators (time and place are not a problem)
    3. Analytics: how chat affected sales and further actions of the user (both in total and for each operator)

    As it turned out, neither the communication channel itself died, but the old decisions. In our humble opinion, we presented 10 solutions that are key to building a user experience in the chat.

    What decisions do you see? What are the key criteria? We will be interested to know your opinion.

    Reading articles is certainly useful, but it is better for you to see and try. By the way, our solutions are simply and clearly described on the site . Chat is just the top of our service.

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