In 2014, Kaspersky Lab's global revenue increased by 7%

    Over the past year, Kaspersky Lab’s global revenues increased by 7% to $ 711 million. Two-thirds of sales came from the mass market. According to a company representative, Yulia Krivosheina, Kaspersky Lab’s online sales have increased by 13%. Lab's revenues in the corporate market grew by 1% in dollar terms. In local currencies (euro, ruble, yen) the growth was 7%. Revenues from large corporations increased by 7% in dollars and by 16% in local currencies.

    Kaspersky Lab is an international company, and the fact of growth of 7% for it under the current conditions is already a positive phenomenon, Cisco security expert Alexei Lukatsky is convinced. The company occupies over 50% of the Russian market. Therefore, according to Lukatsky, even the course on import substitution adopted in the state will not be able to contribute to growth.

    In 2013, Kaspersky Lab’s global revenue growth was even slower - 6% per year. Eugene Kaspersky attributed this slowdown to increased competition and saturated markets. However, in earlier years, revenue growth reached 40-60%.

    According to July 2014, the company's revenues in Russia, together with Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Uzbekistan, occupied third place after Europe and the United States. According to IDC estimates, the Russian market accounts for about 20% of Kaspersky Lab’s global revenues in dollar terms.

    The managing director of the company in Russia, Sergey Zemkov, explained to Vedomosti that saving on information security can lead to bad consequences. Therefore, it is expected that customers will continue to allocate funds for this.

    Zemkov also notes that in connection with the emergence of new laws in the field of information security there will be an additional demand for relevant software products.

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