Team Cohesion: Success or Failure?

Original author: John Murphy
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In this article, John Murphy, talks about three steps that will help to unite your team and create a positive microclimate in the team.

Pretty strange question, isn't it?

The title of the article is the primary question for me, which arose as a result of a recent conversation with department heads and rank-and-file employees.

In fact, if you are a leader, and you cannot unite your team, you are a bad boss. Harsh, but true.

If you are a member of this team, and cohesion leaves much to be desired - you are a poor employee. Harsh, but true.

Since the ordinary employee is part of the team - he, like the leader, is responsible for the success of the common cause. If the boss cannot rally the team, the employees themselves must do it.

But how do you know if a team is united or not? In fact, it is felt intuitively, there is no need to explain.

If you need an example, pay attention to the behavior of top team employees. Is there open and honest communication, do employees feel responsible for each other, do they all sing to the same tune, is there room for healthy debate?

Another way to look at this is to ask whether the microclimate in the team is healthy, do all departments work in concert, or does everyone pull the blanket over themselves? If they do not work as we would like, maybe the reason is a mirror image of the behavior of the leadership? Again harsh, but true.

So what can you do? If this question touches you for the living, then we should talk about it. I'm serious, let's figure it out!

Three steps to rally the team:

1. Make sure that you have exactly the management system that allows you to lead the business to prosperity. If there is no proper system, then you are using the right medicine, but not for that wound! In truth, trying to rally a team that is not properly organized is of little use. I met a lot of executive directors who shirked in a conversation about cohesion and team organization. This behavior of the leader always leads to a slowdown, and then to disappointment when it is not possible to obtain the expected results. (We recommend that you read a useful article on 5 ways to increase team productivity .)

2. Take the time and effort to review your goal, opinion, and values.If there is no cohesion in the department, it means that the manager and employees have lost sight of this important point. You need to make the team one piece. For this, it will be necessary to convey to each employee of the team the importance of the idea of ​​cohesion so that people are imbued with this mood. The process is not fast, so a one-time exercise is not enough. Spend more time with your subordinates, communicate and raise team spirit. This is not an exercise in the truest sense of the word, it is the minds and hearts of employees. If the team is not “sick of the soul” for a common cause, it is not capable of leading the business to prosperity.

3. Facilitate the interchange of information between units.It happens that the departments are as if isolated from each other. Separation of departments is an integral part of development. However, when it becomes the norm, managing the units becomes problematic. To allow isolation is like walking on quicksand. Managers are always responsible for the emergence and spread of isolation in the department, because they could not convince people to share their opinions and share a common point of view. In most cases, separate departments appear as a result of insufficient communication between the head and subordinates. Sometimes this is provoked by anger, then you need to find the source of negativity and remove such people from the team. They are a tumor that harms work. You can prevent isolated departments from appearing by talking to employees. Talk about goals, opinions and values,

Team cohesion is extremely important for the future success of any business, it is achieved through the efforts of management.

PS We recommend another article on the topic - To become a leader for others, first become a leader for yourself .

Translation by Vyacheslav Davidenko, founder of MBA Consult

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