The draft law on mandatory registration of sites adopted in first reading

    The other day, news was published on Habr that the bill on the mandatory registration of websites went to the State Duma for the first reading. Today it became known that this bill was successfully adopted in the first reading.

    The bill provides for the introduction of a number of amendments to the Law “On Communications” and the Code of Administrative Offenses, amendments that obligate an individual or legal entity to notify Roskomnadzor “about the beginning of activities to organize the dissemination of information and data exchange between users on the Internet”.

    It is worth recalling that this bill requires site owners to store all user communications for six months. The term "user communication" means written text, images, sounds and any actions performed by the user on the site.

    In case of violation of the law, an individual or legal entity will have to pay a fine. Up to 5 thousand rubles in the case of individuals, and 100-200 thousand rubles for legal entities.

    By the way, it would be good if one of the lawyers, who have repeatedly explained the significance of various laws, would have spoken out about this, as compulsory registration of sites is becoming an increasingly realistic prospect.

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