The draft law on the mandatory registration of websites is sent to the State Duma

    Yes, the bill on the mandatory registration of websites is becoming more real. The fact is that “the State Duma Committee on Information Policy approved for first reading the law on the mandatory registration of all resources created on the Internet in Roskomnadzor.” The

    head of the committee, Alexei Mitrofanov, says that the law can already be sent to the Duma for the first reading, after which The nuances will be clarified.

    Well, and the deputy Mitrofanova, Leonid Levin does not see anything wrong with the fact that each site will be registered. “We all have a passport. Why not know who exactly is behind this or that resource? ”Says the deputy.

    It is worth noting that the bill itself, which envisages the registration of all new Internet resources at Roskomnadzor, was proposed around the middle of January. If this bill passes, then any natural or legal person creating his own website or the company’s website will be required to report his work to the supervisory authority.

    Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine of up to 5 thousand rubles in the case of individuals, and 100-200 thousand rubles for legal entities.

    Among other things, the bill obliges site owners to store all user communications for six months. The term "user communication" means written text, images, sounds and any actions performed by the user on the site.

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