Nazarbayev asks government to find Kazakhstani Bill Gates

    The President set the government the task of looking for citizens who would glorify Kazakhstani innovations around the world.

    “If, let’s say, Bill Gates was with us - there would be innovation, but we don’t have such. But we must find such people, they are. They were not supported and their “rotten”, as they usually say - they envy the rich, they do not like the smart, and they simply kill the talented. How can we do so to raise talented people from the people, to support them? This is not an easy task, but our government is not weak either, is it? Let it take up this, and we will move the whole world. We need to catch the latest news in the world, we must invite the best people to manage our companies, as we did with Air Astana, which is headed by a foreigner and, in my opinion, one of the best companies, ”said the Head of State, speaking on the basis of a national teleconference.

    At the same time, the President noted that the task of Kazakhstan is to form a critical mass of innovators.

    “They must be sought, these innovators, prepared at home. Without them, we will not carry out the tasks. In my messages of recent years, I set the task for the government to search for 100 absolute innovations. There is only one example: the innovator from Karaganda is Mr. Borisenko, and I have been engaged in his innovation for so many years. Even I can not break, and he would never have struck. The thing is that he came up with such a technology when the gases that go to our power plants are caught, completely pure carbon is created from them and there will be no emissions. If it will be a world sensation, imagine? Clearing all stations that are fired with coal from smoke is an absolute innovation. Where do we have such innovations? We have such innovations. Probably, we can immediately set the task (to create. - Approx. Author) of ten such innovations,

    The head of state cited the example of Nazarbayev University, which is headed by the Japanese Shigeo Katsu: “Everything is going well there. And do not be shy about it, everyone did it. Singapore once implemented the program “Gray hair” - they retired the famous talents from Japan, they invited to work. We do not need to be shy or afraid. Well, what will you do if you have not been taught this. But we don’t have time to learn, we need to move now, "Nursultan Nazarbayev concluded.

    Editor’s note .
    Original news here.

    To be honest, it was wild. It reminds me of Medvedev’s recent trend.
    At one time, a lot of brains flowed to the States, and now they say again come back.
    For Kazakhstan, which by and large is only rich in oil and rich, it was a little ridiculous to hear that.

    Everyone has a ton of ideas, but finding funding is hard.

    I really could not get impressive subsidies for my DriverX project which is used by 4 million users all over the CIS.

    I would like to hear what Habrazhiteli think about innovation)))
    I just want to apologize for the mine pastes. I could not resist, so as not to discuss this news with Habr.

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