How we launched the TV channel on the Internet. Experience

    How to create a TV channel? Honestly I do not know! I don’t know how others do it. One thing I can say: to launch a TV channel, when you have a bag of money, investors and all that, it seems to me now some sort of banal affair. With money, as they say, a fool can. But without money - how? I’ll tell you about our path.

    At first there was a dog ...

    My first dog appeared when I was already quite old, in childhood my parents did not allow. “You’ll grow up, you will have your own house ...” And so on ...
    In general, a dog appeared, then I accidentally got on television, worked in the graduation department as an assistant director, and then my dog ​​friends say: “You work on television, and we still don't have a single program about dogs! Do It!" I never dreamed of a career as a TV presenter, but, after thinking, I decided - and why, in fact, no? Everyone around is doing something, taking pictures, but what, I can’t? It was in 1994. Regional television developed rapidly, television channels received licenses, and, therefore, needed “their product”, so everyone who was not too lazy was on TV! I still sincerely believe that I was just lucky then. Now it’s much more difficult to get on TV and create an author’s program.

    You may ask, what does all this have to do with the opening of the Dog Channel TV? Yes, the most direct. Firstly, it’s now clear that I’ve been “in the dog theme” for a long time: for 12 years the program “Just a Dog” was aired weekly, first in my city, and then on regional channels of Ukraine and Russia. And secondly - and this is very important for me - I am familiar with the process of creating a television product from beginning to end firsthand. She worked in and out of frame, live, edited, organized filming, including historical reconstruction, was the program director and executive producer of the channel. In short, there is some experience! It was this experience that became my "initial capital." Experience, idea, team and DESIRE ...

    We all studied little by little ...

    We, as a rule, make certain decisions, guided by our own life experience. I was lucky - several years ago, as an executive producer and program director, I took part in the launch of the new satellite channel ENGLISH CLUB TV. It was during this period that I gained invaluable experience in organizing and planning the process of producing television content, managing a team, layout of a broadcasting network, and learned to think not in a single program, but in channel categories. And not just a channel, but a thematic, “niche” one.

    World trends indicate that the audience is striving for greater segmentation, people are no longer satisfied with what is imposed by mass television. The viewer goes to specialized, niche channels that meet his needs. So they appear like mushrooms after the rain. And this is despite the fact that launching a channel, obtaining a license, and producing content costs a lot of money!

    But if I was asked to say what is the most important lesson that I learned from the experience of launching a new channel, then I would answer: DO NOT THINK THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE! You just need to take and do, if you have an idea, of course.

    At the first stage, the investment in the project was completely ridiculous - it was the registration of the domain name and the development of the site based on CMS Joomla. All together cost $ 250. The task was as follows - to create an easy-to-manage site (such that even a blonde like me can easily add information), and along the way on one of the local television channels we resumed the program of the same name, which exists to this day with the money of advertisers. This allowed a week ago to update video content on the site weekly. All project participants at that time worked on their main jobs and only in their free time took an active part in promoting Dog Channel TV. Nevertheless, significant work has been done. We created a newsletter, formed our own database of dog kennels in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltic states, and, most importantly, began to receive much-needed feedback. Hurrah! They are watching us! We are interesting!

    The peculiarity of our project is that it has two main components - it is web and online . If the characteristics of the web are more or less clear - this is the number of unique visitors per day / month and monthly traffic, then with online broadcasting everything is not so simple. It is more appropriate to talk about users who simultaneously watch online broadcasting, and about the bandwidth of Internet channels. Our task is to find the optimal combination of these indicators in order to ensure a comfortable broadcast quality on the one hand and, on the other hand, to use the available capacities as efficiently as possible.

    Today we have up to 4,000 unique visits per day and a little over 100,000 per month. This applies to the web component. As for the video, the dedicated channel allows you to serve about 100 simultaneous connections. Now this is enough for us. Technically, we are able to increase the number of simultaneous connections 10 times without any problems. This is the immediate prospect. But when the figure "exceeds" 1000, then additional investments will be needed in the development and implementation of load balancing schemes. The task that we set ourselves for the year is to increase the average indicators by an order of magnitude.

    At the moment, we are only at the beginning of a long journey - the channel as such is only six months old.
    Private investment is still a significant help, and simply put, thanks to the good people who believed in us and our idea!

    In the future, we plan to receive the main income from advertising and the production of promotional products, including custom-made presentation films for large cynological nurseries and manufacturers of pet products.

    I admit that at first I considered the Internet TV channel as an intermediate stage on the way to the satellite channel. Well, I'm a television person! I underestimated the capabilities of the Internet and the pace with which technologies will develop that will make it possible today to do the same as on the satellite, only more! These are several channels for content titration, and video on demand, and delivery of content in different quality - depending on the user's Internet speed, and instant feedback, and targeted advertising, and much more. So the idea from the transition has turned into the main one, and now we feel like a full-fledged TV channel with great opportunities. But also with great responsibility. As they say, noblesse oblige. In the long term - the translation of content into English and the opening of several offices in Europe and America.

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