US Congressman suggests Wikileaks a terrorist organization

    Peter King, chairman of the House of Representatives House House Committee, said Wikileaks should be officially recognized as a terrorist organization that threatens national security. It is worth noting that the House Homeland Security Committee oversees the implementation of the Home Security Act (HR 5005) among members of the House of Representatives. So, King turned to the US Presidential Administration with a request to "determine whether Wikileaks is a foreign terrorist organization." The congressman himself believes that Wikileaks should be included in the list of terrorist organizations along with al-Qaeda and Aum Sinrique.

    According to King, Wikileaks meets all the signs of a foreign terrorist organization, the criteria that have long been formulated by US intelligence agencies. “Wikileaks poses a clear threat to US national security,” the congressman said in a letter.

    King sent his request to the administration after 250 thousand documents appeared on the Wikileaks website, which are diplomatic correspondence of US officials, where you can find interesting information about what the US authorities really think about the different countries and their leaders. Naturally, such documents, a rather significant part of them, are classified, and familiarization with such correspondence by representatives of other powers can be a problem for the United States. In general, this problem already exists, and the tension continues to increase over time, which is required by other states to familiarize themselves with these papers.

    King also approached US Attorney General Eric Holder with a request to file a case against Julian Essange, Wikileaks Project Manager. In general, the Holder has every reason to start such a case, because, according to the laws of the United States, the disclosure of any information that relates to national security, and may harm the United States, is a criminal offense. True, this law (here it is ) applies mainly to residents of the United States. King requires US banks to close the possibility of transferring funds to Wikileaks accounts, this also applies to bank branches operating in other countries. Such measures are indeed taken in respect of organizations recognized by the United States as terrorist.

    In addition to King, other senators and congressmen made an official appeal to Obama. In one of these appeals, senators ask the US President to "close Wikileaks before this resource can cause additional harm to US national security."

    By the way, in the homeland of Essence, in Australia, a review of his actions has begun today, and a special committee is going to find out if Essence's activity is contrary to Australian laws. Probably not very good news for the head of Wikileaks, for whom a difficult time begins.

    Via CNET

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