Before the publication of the secret correspondence of US diplomats, Wikileaks underwent a hacker attack

    For several days now, the hype around the Wikileaks resource, which regularly publishes secret and not very state documents of the USA, which hardly any of the authorities of this country would like to see published, has been abating. The fact is that Julian Essange, the permanent project manager, promised to publish something that should “change history”. This was done - the resource posted online more than a quarter of a million letters from US diplomats working in different countries.

    This correspondence, according to those who have already looked at the documents, concerns data on US policy in relation to many countries, including the leaders of these countries (some CIS countries, including Russia, are also involved here). Before publishing the documentation on their website, Wikileaks management contacted the editors of such well-known newspapers as El Pais, Le Monde, Speigel, Guardian and The New York Times, providing the most important of the published documents. As a result, the latter, besides the Wikileaks website, also appeared on the websites of these newspapers.

    It is worth recalling that the US government has repeatedly urged Essange to think again and not to publish all these documents. The last attempt to change something came from representatives of the US government just a few hours before the documents appeared online. In addition, the United States warned the diplomatic services of countries friendly to this country about the alleged disclosure of secret correspondence between diplomats. It has been repeatedly stated that the actions of the Wikileaks leader endanger many lives, to which Essange replied that the United States was simply afraid of being made public, because it would have to be held accountable for its actions.

    In addition to the United States, published documents relate to the UK, Russia, Canada, Israel and Turkey. In total, 251,287 documents were posted on the Network, of which 16,652 are classified.

    Shortly before the publication of the documents, Essange reported that Wikileaks carried out a large-scale DDOS attack, as a result of which the site was inaccessible for some time to users of the resource. Among other things, the head of Wikileaks said that, in his opinion, this attack was carried out by the US government, but DDOS does not change anything, since many of the documents planned for publication were sent to the editorial offices of the largest newspapers in the world. Wikileaks is currently unavailable, at least for me.

    Well, we are waiting for the development of events, all interested can stock up on popcorn.

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