Friend ≠ friend

    Lord. I want to talk about using the word "friend" on the Internet. Of course, now everything adapts to modernity. But I think some things shouldn’t be released like that.
    It all started probably with LJ? Friend, friend, and translated "friend." And so began the total addition to friends. In LJ, this is not very noticeable, in my opinion, - a “friend’s feed” can be called as you like, but with the advent of “VKontakte” the word “friend” has generally become worthless!
    I don’t care how it is in the West, maybe they can understand friend differently, I (and many are sure) can’t.
    Of course, you just cannot take and erase this word. I suggest finding a replacement! I highly suggest;)
    Request:People, do not write synonyms please. Words that REALLY can replace what we need. Unless of course you think that your options can do this - I sympathize with you. Thoughts are however accepted with joy.


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