Take-off observation

    Tonight an article appeared Experiments with Mamba. Part 1. written by pchel `om. For 12 hours, this material scored 101 points (moreover, according to eyewitnesses, 12 points were already by half past one and the score continues to grow). At the time of writing this note, the author of the article is in third place with karma of 40.33 (47 votes) and a power of 91.96 second only to bobuk `y, umputun` y and this is when starting from a zero position. A little more, and from the second page of the ranking of the best materials, this study will move to the first (at 12:30 it is already there). Unfortunately karmagraf was not configured for this user, so the picture below (when it appears) reflects the movement from the positions described here. Apparently, all the peaks on the karmagraph of the whole site in the right group belong to pchel `y. Does it seem to me alone that Pchel did another successful experiment? ;) I think it makes no sense to argue on the topic "the mammary glands of women on the first page - this site is not the same." Reality proved that successful material and mammary glands are more successful than just a good text;) Although, of course, not only illustrations became the reason for the popularity of the material. PS During the writing of this article, the rating of the article grew continuously from 95 points. Karma grew from 35.80 (43 votes). 5 minutes were spent on this post (with insertion of links and formatting).

    Karmagraf user Pchel

    Karmagraf site at 12 noon

    PPS Noticed and those who do not like such a sharp take-off and minus the user;)

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