@ UFO: adding weight / priority to polls on Habré

    Hi Habra-society and Habra-UFO,

    in my previous post about optimizing application speed I added a poll. What is most important to me in a mobile application , with the ability to select several options.

    Even when I myself noted the options suitable for me, I realized that something was missing. I agree with Alexeyslav that there is not enough choice of priority options to indicate which is more important.

    So a couple of suggestions for improvement.


    Why not add priorities to the polls, with the ability to select multiple options? For example, using an 0 ... additional script and adding a client script, so that when a checkmark is selected, the unit is automatically set if it was 0. And also a checkmark was selected itself if someone consciously changed the priority from scratch. This is how it might look:

    Priorities should, of course, work only in the context of one user, so that if someone who puts dozens everywhere gets the same voice power as the one who puts one unit.

    Then such polls would make more sense and be more indicative.


    Why not make polls a separate topic for public polls?
    Since some polls make sense only in the context of the article itself, a check would have to be made.

    In the future, one could add the opportunity to add public polls to other posts of other authors.

    Here are such suggestions on the topic Polls on Habré and at the end a "private" vote on this topic.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Does it make sense to add priorities to polls on Habré?

    • 45.3% yes 127
    • 45.3% no 127
    • 9.2% I don’t care, I do not vote 26

    Does it make sense to highlight public polls as a separate topic?

    • 37.3% yes 96
    • 52.9% no 136
    • 9.7% I don’t care, I'm not interested in the opinions of other users 25

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