Oculus Go glasses with “strawberry” content set up for sale

    The potential of virtual and augmented reality has been talked about for many years. Unfortunately, the number of successful cases where these technologies would be used is small. Yes, there are separate success stories, but in most cases, if we are talking about business and industry, these are pilot projects.

    But in the media sphere VR and AR are developing quite actively. Not very difficult games, surround video - this kind of content is there, and there are a lot of it. And of course, content producers of category XXX are ahead of the rest. A special section with 3D films appeared on the respective portals, which are shown “first-person”. Well, adult film maker Badoink has launched the sale of Oculus Go glasses with a loaded base of porn films.

    This product is called "Porn in a Box" . The cost of points with a base of films is about $ 300, which is about $ 100 more expensive than the retail price of Oculus Go. It turns out that for the base of 3D porn movies from manufacturers such as BadoinkVR, BabeVR, VRCosplayX, and 18VR, the buyer pays $ 100.

    Access to the content is carried out using a special application with a unique code for each customer. Badoink promises to update the movie database so that customers always have a fresh strawberry on hand. Soon the company plans to launch a subscription to its content for owners of 3D glasses.

    It is worth noting that earlier XXX films were downloaded by various companies to the Facebook store, but the company decided to remove all porn. Therefore, companies that create content for adults use a variety of schemes for delivering films to their customers. Someone simply opens a section with XXX on the site, as mentioned above, well, and someone is on the path of prepaid content.

    Oculus Go glasses have a built-in browser, so you can watch movies of any genre in VR mode without any problems.

    Porn industry considers virtual reality as an opportunity to earn extra. Initially, many companies focused on the owners of any points, including Google Cardboard. A bit later, the original offers appeared. For example, the British startup Hologram launched the sale of its own glasses with pre-installed XXX content. But the company's business did not go very smoothly after Oculus Go appeared with a relatively low price.

    In the future, pornographic studios are planning to expand their presence in the field of virtual reality. “We expect VR to become a key area for our content,” said a spokesman for BadoinkVR. According to the company, Oculus Go is an ideal device for these purposes.

    By the way, facebook states in the policy that the company's products should not be used to work with porn content. But last year, company representatives said they would not oppose users who would use their video glasses or any other products for themselves. Time will tell whether this viewpoint will be distributed on the sale of glasses with pre-installed porno-content.

    As for the porn itself, the reviews from the "pioneers" of the VR industry from XXX are mixed. Someone says that the effect of presence is excellent, someone does not really like it, because it is impossible to concentrate. Various kinds of dating simulators (without XXX) have been around for a couple of years.

    Interestingly, the CEO of Naughty America, speaking at CES 2019, said that almost all the content now being created is "male." Category XXX for women is only being tested so far , but there are not too many products here.

    This company shares about 1 VR product per week, other companies even less, so the number of VR-porn on the network is not too large. Producers of "strawberry" content complain that many companies supplying VR gadgets to the market block adult content in their stores. This is not only Facebook, but also Samsung, plus a number of smaller manufacturers.

    “This is very inconvenient,” says CEO of Naughty America. “If one of the manufacturers presents their own gadget, similar to Gear VR, but does not limit the categories of content in the catalogs, then such a company will quickly get a solid market share.

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