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    And let's take a bird's eye look at the latest news related to blogs! I like your unanimous agreement.

    According to Netcraft research company, as of January 1, 2007, there were 108 million 875 thousand 138 sites on the Internet, which is 1.63 million more sites than a month earlier. The leader in the growth of new sites was the Microsoft Live Spaces blog service , which added 650 thousand sites last month. The second is the largest western hoster GoDaddy (165 thousand sites), the third place went to the blog service Google(105 thousand sites). Independent sites for December on the Internet appeared about 100 thousand. I recommend, by the way, still follow the link, you will see a lot of interesting statistics and graphs. I warn you - everything is in English.

    On January 4 and 5 on the Internet and, in particular, in the blogosphere, rumors spread about the death of the spiritual leader of Iranian clerics Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. The Iranian media are silent, there has not yet been official confirmation or refutation of this information. The question of whether Khamenei is alive or dead is hanging in the air. These rumors began with a senior analyst at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, Michael Ledin, who reported the death of Khamenei in his online diary.. No details were followed, but Ledin’s solid professional reputation contributed to the widespread dissemination of this information on blogs. As a result, it turned out that all these rumors were greatly exaggerated, but many news agencies, as they say, were fooled and utterly ringing about the death of the ayatollah. Ledin apologized for reporting unverified information and complained about the difficulty of receiving news from Iran.

    Experts at Trend Micro, a specialist in Internet security, concluded that in 2007, hackers will focus on virtual diaries (blogs) and instant messaging programs (ICQ, MSN) from which to steal personal information. According to the findingsexperts, single hackers become an anachronism, giving way to professional groups. Hacking motives will also change. Banal theft of money is a thing of the past. Few people chatting with ICQ suspect that his innocent conversation with friends opens the way for the hacker to data stored on the computer. Meanwhile, ICQ hacking is becoming an increasingly attractive method for hackers. Indeed, people began to be more cautious about ordinary spam. Another “paradise” for a hacker is online diaries. The main danger for Russian bloggers is the publication in the profiles of their email addresses and other personalized information, which can be used for a "point" attack on the user.

    Companies are looking for new ways to attract customers and some are paying attention to blogs. The little-known design office decided to attract the attention of a certain " Blog Show ". Here’s what the inventors themselves write: “The Studio blog show is an interactive show based on the diary entries (blogs) of the main employees of the newly created company. Any viewer can stick his nose into the designer kitchen, evaluate if there is enough pepper when communicating with clients, add your fly in the ointment or honey in a barrel with estimates of what’s going on, or try to hinder the composition of the participants every week. " Well, I will follow the idea and then I will inform you about the results. Although, in my opinion, the idea is interesting, but it’s kind of sluggish.

    Well-known bloggers get on the pages of not only our newspaper, but alsoRolling Stones , and even " Soviet Belarus ." Although, after the publication in the Rolling Stones, a scandal had already flared up due to the distortion of the words of the interviewees. Well, in SB, they simply quietly and patriotically rejoice at the compatriot’s luck: “A young writer from Belarus Tatyana Zamirovskaya started an online diary (blog) in LJ three years ago. Recently Tanya claimed the main award of the Russian-language LJ segment - Rykov’s award in the nomination“ The writer of the year. ”Alas, our blogger, Yekaterina Velikina, got around our Tanya. We talk about the competition in LiveJournal and, in general, the phenomenon of the Russian-speaking blogosphere with experienced LiveJournal user Zamirovskaya. By the way, Tanya was ahead of such promoted authors in, like Sergey Lukyanenko and Alex Exler. "

    Among visitors to social Internet resources, the proportion of homosexual or bisexual users exceeds the proportion of heterosexual users. This conclusion was made by Harris Interactive and Witeck-Combs Communications in a recent survey.. About 27% of gay and bisexual users spend up to an hour a week on; the corresponding proportion of heterosexual visitors is 22%. takes up to an hour 20% of gays, lesbians and bisexuals and 13% of heterosexuals. Homosexual and bisexual users also spend more time on sites that support social networks. For example, 11% of the time spent online by gays, lesbians, and bisexuals is on; for heterosexuals, this figure is only 4%. A similar trend is observed with respect to (33% and 28%).

    The audience of the blogging service turned out to bemuch more active in the past New Year holidays than users of the so-called "Cyrillic segment" According to Yandex blog search statistics, 297 thousand entries were left in diaries from January 1 to 8, while the authors of the Live Journal unsubscribed only 258 thousand times, which is 38 thousand less. At the same time, according to Yandex, according to the number of blogs on its platform, LiveJournal is ahead of by more than 100 thousand, but the activity of "live journalists" during the holidays sharply decreased. If we look at the statistics for all holidays, including December 30 and 31, which were also days off, the gap between the number of entries on different platforms will be reduced to 33 thousand - LiveJournal users wrote 330 thousand posts against 363 thousand from live Internet users . The giant of the domestic blogosphere,, which boasts of the enormous popularity of its blog service, has added 115 thousand entries during the same time. It’s a pity that there are no such statistics on Belarusian services.

    According to Kompyulenta , Microsoft and AMD on the eve of the Christmas holidays as part of a special campaign sent a limited number of bloggers writing reviews of computer equipment, samples for testing. Some bloggers got a Ferrari line on their Acer laptop, others got desktop PCs. According to Long Zeng, who runs her own blog and is also awaiting the New Year “gift” from Microsoft and AMD, companies leave bloggers with the choice of leaving the device after testing for themselves or sending it back to the manufacturer.

    Well, let's end today's news digest with another optimistic message that they are going to plant another blogger. Jessica cutler- This is such a girl who first had sex with American politicians, and then described her impressions in a diary. Of course, a book has already been written about this, a couple of lawsuits lie in the courts, and grateful fans exchange photos of the “new Monica Lewinsky”. Maybe among our readers there are people who want to keep a sex column in KV?

    Aleksey KHALETSKY
    Published in “Computer News” (No. 2, 2007)

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