Review of blogs No. 35. Blogging Truth

    The planet has taken its toll and is now squeaking back to workdays. And only bloggers did not stop their hectic activities and constantly increased the amount of information. Let's face it?

    New Year of the week

    Taki he has come! As predicted by the calendar, at exactly midnight from December 31 to January 1, 2007, he began his march on the planet. Naturally, the results were summed up around the world, our newspaper was no exception. However, we summed up our results in the last issue, last year. Let's read the blogs now.

    Five minute guidefor everything that did not happen in 2006, it lists all that we don’t count in the new year. For example: "Toponyms that we lost: Serbia and Montenegro; Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous Okrug; Highbury Stadiums (London) and Kirov (St. Petersburg); State Farm" Red Hemp grower "was renamed Preobrazhensky, the village of Ryabkinsky Zavod was renamed Shapkino, and the village of Penkozavod was renamed Penkovo; Tbilisskaya street in the city of Tskhinvali (South Ossetia) was renamed Luzhkovskaya. "

    Sad Results of the Year Continues Obituary 2006. Famous people who left us forever. With photos and brief descriptions. Slobodan Milosevic, Stanislav Lem, Konstantin Beskov, Aaron Spelling, Andrey Krasko, Sid Barret, Steve Irwin, Alexander Volsky, Andrey Kozlov, Anna Politkovskaya, Milton Friedman, Robert Altman, Philip Noire, Alexander Litvinenko, Lyubov Polishchuk, Augusto Pinochet, Saparmurat Nozov , James Brown ...

    For those who like to watch the life of royal people, the results of the year for the royal families of Europe will be interesting . The main event is the celebration of the 80th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. Well, for each month of the event.

    Penalty of the week

    And you could call this event "Haste of the Year." The fact that Saddam Hussein was a dictator and made a lot of different nasty things in my life, I’m not going to dispute. This person is unpleasant to me as much as, for example, Hitler. That's just the trial of him and his execution leave some nasty sediment, as in childhood, when I stole money from my parents. And also this video of execution, which a few days later hit the Internet. What for? Who needed this? I completely agree with the text " On the death of Saddam Hussein"who recalls other similar political processes." I think it is unlikely that a person who is in the center of the contradictions of both the Arab and Western world could remain unstained. From the point of view of the now fashionable Eurocentrism, Saddam Hussein was certainly a dictator, tyrant and villain. It is only strange that they did not condemn and execute him. The haste of execution is strange. Everything is strange. And that’s the most disgusting of it. "

    The video with the execution of Saddam became mega-popular. I persuaded myself for a long time that it was immoral to be interested in executing a human being, but still downloaded and looked. And he was once again affirmed in the idea that the death penalty should be banned around the world. Because in this video, the tyrant, dictator, killer of many people looks like a hero, and his killers - masked cowards. But intimidation is one of the main arguments of the supporters of the death penalty, isn't it, Maxim? I can’t get rid of the feeling that something fundamentally wrong happened. I wonder if a martyr will come out of Hussein? And I also thought that it was necessary in the reality show not to expel the participants, but to execute. For example, declare an SMS-vote in “House-2” and type who will lose - to cut it with a chainsaw live. It will be a very top gear, right? Moreover, since everyone will want to save their beloved television clown via SMS, the channel will earn a lot of money on this vote. Plus, it will be necessary until the last minutes to keep all participants in the dark - who will be killed now. And close-ups show faces. In another week, you can brutally rape a loser in a vote in a particularly perverse form. Or a cage with rats on his face, as in 1984. It seems to me that this is in line with the modern trends of show-painting. Yes, yes, the world has become completely heartless and I along with it. Or a cage with rats on his face, as in 1984. It seems to me that this is in line with the modern trends of show-painting. Yes, yes, the world has become completely heartless and I along with it. Or a cage with rats on his face, as in 1984. It seems to me that this is in line with the modern trends of show-painting. Yes, yes, the world has become completely heartless and I along with it.

    Testing of the week

    And on "Yandex" began testing a new search on blogs . Four main innovations:

    * now you can see the full text of the entry directly on the search results page: by clicking on the plus sign or the link “full text”;
    * Now next to each found post you can see avatars (user pictures) of bloggers;
    * a small picture of the blog service on which the blog is located is displayed here - you can immediately understand where you will be by clicking on the link;
    * Blogs and streams are displayed on the right side of the page, the name or description of which contains a search query.

    If testing a search service does not appeal to you, then let's test your observability. In addition, you will learn a lot fromthimble techniques . As you know, the game of thimble develops imagination, observation, analytical skills, and also provides an invaluable experience in dealing with all kinds of scammers on the streets. This is a test by the results of which you will determine your level of professional training and knowledge of this ancient game.

    Observations of the week

    It turns out, as one Russian colleague expressed the essence of the European way of working, familiarizing himself with the rules of the duty station: "When the work is blocked, the Germans barely move. When there is no work, you will find who the hell they are." The way it is. Moreover, half an hour is enough for a person to begin to understand the intricacies of the system and to start behaving in exactly the same way, even if he is a Negro without knowledge of German, and his own language is not known to anyone, and it is not known whether there is such a thing.A colorful description of German time work.

    It turns out that the Strugatsky books can be described using only three sentences for each book.

    It turns outIt’s not very difficult to be a psychologist. It can be anyone, you can too. First of all, determine what kind of psychologist you are. Remember: there are no "just psychologists", a psychologist - he is necessarily some kind. Here is a teacher, he is either a physicist or a primary school student, or he’ll fall a break, I’ll stick out the morgals. Each has its own subject. Remember the three varieties of psychologist: "child", "adult" and "clinical." Clinical is not one that is extremely problematic, but one that works to heal. Children’s - it’s understandable which one, but an “adult” is one who doesn’t like children and is not able to treat. Enough.

    It turns out, in certain circles it is traditionally believed that the destruction of the Inca, Aztec and Mayan civilizations was almost a godly deed - for these civilizations brought bloody human sacrifices. At the same time, however, fans of conquistadors miss a number of important points. If you call a spade a spade, then what happened in Latin America at the end of the 15th - 16th centuries should be characterized as follows: the scum of one bloodthirsty civilization sailed in search of gold and destroyed another bloodthirsty civilization.

    Optimism of the week

    The year has just begun, and I am terrorizing you with death. It’s not good ... But meanwhile, I started the season of holidays, from which I will try to occasionally come up to review the next week of blogs. Christmas, all Orthodox with the coming! Ira’s birthday, then dad’s, old New Year’s birthday, Tambourine’s birthday, mom’s birthday ... I’ll plunge into household chores, slush instead of winter and new songs. By the way, can you help me choose a gift?

    Aleksey KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 1, 2007)

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