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    Sometimes blogs turn into such a big communal apartment when every tenant considers it his sacred duty to peek into the keyhole, and then discuss what he saw with saliva on the chin. This week, the LiveJournal community still found a topic for discussion. A woman died a child, he was hit by a car, five hours later she writes about it in her LJ. This is where star wars begin. First, those who think that writing about this on their blog are at least strange to wake up . Naturally, immediately there are no less nervous opponents who claim that this is the most natural reaction. And finally, most of all thosewho is tired of the endless debate about "who is smarter and who peeed in the hole." Perhaps the last position is closer to me. Although I don’t agree with the following quote: “ Unfortunately, the live magazine has died. There are only a handful of thousand people who refer to each other in order to increase blogging (which clearly resembles school measurement in the locker room) and a handful of local friends discussing topics that are highly specialized in social circles ” .

    Expositions of the week

    And we have two of them! First getsYandex blog rating from outraged readers. It turns out that on weekends, the rating is not updated at all! The suggestion that blogs are put in place by Yandex by a clerk who just leaves for the weekend is wonderful, but incredible. In the comments on the recording, it was already suggested that these were tricks of either Cthulhu, or Medved, or Yak-Tsup-Tsop. Big brother is watching us!

    Then he and again the restless "SUP". It turns out that now the computers of Russian-speaking LJ users, when loading any page of LiveJournal, "climb" into Russia, connecting to the Russian server in both directions. It doesn’t matter that you are in the United States a few kilometers from the LiveJournal server, anyway, the first thing you will do is connect to the Russian server. Here are the conclusions made by the author of the article: “Dear comrades, it seems to me that the level of service for a particular user has deteriorated sharply with the complete absence of him, the user, desire and the slightest hint of information about the deterioration of the quality of the service."

    Elves of the week

    When I was little, I loved to represent myself as the Pope. My friend, when he becomes inadequate, presents himself as a little snake. Thanks to Professor Tolkien, many people on this planet consider themselves elves. Which, of course, is much better than the Nazis. And now, my dear readers, imagine that there is a “Dating Club” for elves. What do you think are the text ads you read there? The funny thing is that such a club actually exists, and the Lieutenant, especially for you and me, chose the most colorful ads . Naturally, the author is not shy to comment on all this disgrace, here is a quote: "Elf realized herself almost simultaneously with the advent of the Age of Aquarius, that is, recently. (Before that, I was just crawling through life like a terrible lump of passive protoplasm, but the magical cosmic rays breathed genetic memory into me. I realized that I myself wasn’t local, but I want to go home to Valinor only by taxi. Help, if I can, citizens. "This Eru, who was very wounded, he was my dad and uncle!") ".

    The theme continues to the" Elven Perception of the World . "Elves forgive me, but I'm completely off topic. The text is large, I read it carefully, but and I didn’t understand whether it was banter or the harsh truth of elven life. about professions: "For elves, there are - implicitly - “suitable” and “inappropriate” professions (“inappropriate”, of course, not in the sense that they are forbidden, but in the fact that a real elf will only do such work “at gunpoint”, for example , the profession of accountant), in the same way there are “suitable” and “inappropriate” circles of communication, topics for conversation, etc., say, most elves do not like discussing topics of money, business and commerce, and also do not like to communicate with people, dealing with these areas (all these “inappropriate” professions and topics about unifying obsession today and momentary things) . "

    The beauty of the week

    I think many readers of their favorite KV use home networks. Naturally, wires on the porches are sometimes laid in the most unexpected places. But have you ever heard from neighbors that these wires made them “ugly”? And even more so that this was the main argument for a conflict with network users? But Feda was “ lucky ” with such a wonderful neighbor. It also sometimes seems to me that our people themselves think up reasons for frustration. Here is what Fedya writes about this: "These wires are not even in her apartment, but on the stairwell! But all the same - URGLY. And this is not told to me in any manner of house, but in the usual nine-story Sovdep building built in 1975. To say that I'm freaking out is to say nothing. I wanted to ask, but what if I go upstairs in my toilet with two risers with hot and cold water up to it, which are also very ugly, I’ll take it and cut it off? ". It’s

    better for people with an increased love for computers not to watch the next record. The pictures clearly show how to make french fries using the computer system unit and twelve bottles of sunflower oil. Gothic, glamorous, vintage.

    " What did not fit into the previous chapters of the week

    And once again I draw your attention to the wonderful blog Log It, in which we are told in detail about a pleasant pastime in the company with WordPress. This time, the note is about OpenID or an alternative method for defining a user. Naturally, the blog itself is very interesting and is not limited only to WordPress. There you will find original articles about various CMS and generally about blogs.

    Probably many of you have read the Bible. What about the gospel? Remember how the gospel of Matthew begins? Abraham gave birth to Isaac, Isaac gave birth to Jacob, Jacob gave birth to Judah and his brothers, and so on. Another joke was, they say, "and then something broke down there, and only women began to give birth." In general, comrade Shestakov creatively reworked these texts and receivedwonderful theater of the absurd .

    Khalik Alekseevsky

    Published in Computer News (No. 49, 2006)

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