Blog Review # 9

    Russia and Ukraine call themselves winners in the gas dispute, the Israeli Prime Minister does not stand the love of the people and goes to the hospital, and the editor of the Computer News newspaper secretly talks about the new project of his beloved newspaper. But if all this is not written on blogs, then this did not happen!

    The wonderful Ukrainian girl Anna, hiding in LJ under the nickname six_ate, is translating the great and mighty comics about Dilbert , which are drawn by Scott Adams . It seems that somewhere even on these comics there is an animated series. Almost every day a new comic book appears, so you won’t be bored.

    Cold Flow on its blog announces the Tolkien World contest". I advise everyone to join those who can connect words beautifully in sentences and understand the world of Middle-earth. Contests are an interesting thing. True, there is not much time left until January 14. The history of the Pepperbox

    community tells stories of bygone days. I want to bring to your attention the story of how the net-making factory in the young women's team put up a little unscheduled vacation in the summer. Because the planned given only in the winter, and I want to get a tan even seamstresses . Jamshid affected Google restlessness. but this time the search engine, whose shares are already off scale for 400 evergreen, labored Google Pack

    . This is not a service, but a set of useful, according to Google, programs that must be installed for everyone. And I am inclined to agree, especially since this set includes both Open Source and third-party programs. "Google" engaged in altruism and free advertising? Another Google Pack blog post on EvilBot .

    Ivan Ilyin offers know-how for search engines or just a rational economic approach to recycling. Following the example of the Yandex.News service, you can also split information collected by the search spider on blogs. True, in the comments there were explanations why such a service is not yet possible.

    Maxim Kotin tells a story in his Sketchbookthat happened to him in Tbilisi. While traveling from the airport to the hotel, I learned a lot of interesting things about Russia from a taxi driver and another companion. And all just because I did not agree that the taxi driver took another passenger.

    A bow and rosin worker tells a common everyday story . My very neighbor from above often attaches to the “little white” and at three o’clock in the morning begins to catch the devil. His wife hopes for a quick demise of her husband, there have already been a couple of heart attacks, because he could not let anyone endure the alcoholic. But the story is still sad.

    Gordy is in full swing in Shanghai and on this occasion decided to dispel a series of myths about China. For example, such that all Chinese are on the same face. "It’s enough to stay in China for a couple of days to see the opposite," Gordy reports.

    " Conversations Overheard in Moscow " is the name of a community that speaks for itself. For example, here is a sample: A girl in a red and blue hat (on a mobile phone): “So what, what is Lokomotiv? I don’t care what color the rose is on it if it’s a normal person.”

    The New Business blog talks about the worldwide syndication feed format . All smart and gifted people who use the Firefox browser have already guessed what the conversation is about, all the rest (also smart and gifted!) Are sent to read and download the archive with all the necessary icons for their sites.

    Nearly "In the Animal World, "Laura Beloivan suits us. And about bison with bison, and about the Russian Ostrich company, and about pasties, and about larks. In general, it’s chaotic about the hard life of a veterinarian.

    Boris Lifanovsky explains on fingers why nevertheless, an “empty, worthless, evil and wrong person” can very easily create beautiful music . I’ll add from myself that there is an opinion that I also adhere to - a man of art creates what he doesn’t have. That is, a poor and unhappy artist writes bright and joyful pictures, and well-fed and with frequent musician - sad and melancholy melodies :-).

    A very large and comprehensive article with pictures and examples about the search engine on Google was written by Yushchuk Evgeny Leonidovich (yes, this is so official!). "Google without secrets (Google’s operators in practical examples) . "For example, I didn’t assume that Google can be used as an explanatory dictionary with the help of the“ define: ”operator. LifeHack

    Blog suggests creating aTemplate Disruption. ”This refers to a template of our behavior with you. For example, start going to work in different new ways. Or dine each time in a new place. I’ll add from myself - to wake up each time in a new bed, apartment, city, country. This happened on July 21, 1969. It was in this day Neil Armstrong set foot on the lunar surface. Fearful Dog ”believes that everything happened a little differently

    . No, this is not yet another proof that the Americans were not actually on the moon, but that everything was filmed in the pavilion. An alternative history of mankind.

    "There are styles of music that, even while listening, can cause very different feelings for different people," writes the Setti Biz blog . And lists several of these genres with a definition. Basically, for some reason, electronics.

    Great community " To remember". A tribute to all representatives of Russian and foreign cinema, theater, pop art and any other kind of art that we don’t have with us now. You can already read about the leading actor in the series" Guest from the Future ", about the handsome from the movie" Green Van ", about Misha Polyakov, the protagonist of the three-part Dagger and many other actors.

    Relatives of the blog author Tak ah lah! Me en Tak left for the New Year and Christmas holidays and left him alone with a cat and fish. They decided to watch several films to entertain themselves from your community a large collection, all the more so since he didn’t see most of this collection, and he got the worst films he could choose, and he shares his impressions with us .

    Ben Zonotov shows in pictures how children's books are now designed . And I must say, they are very inventive. After all, it’s lazy to invent poses, faces, so they take what is ready. And it doesn’t matter what is alien and not quite decent. There was a girl on a porn site, and now in a children's book. Reincarnation.

    About the projects of Stuart Brand talks on his blog Kolesnik . I didn’t know that it was Stuart Brand who at one time printed posters with the inscription "Why haven’t we yet seen the whole photo of the Earth?" and sold them at American universities. It was thanks to him that the image of the Earth from space appeared, to which we are all accustomed. Well, he didn’t, of course, take pictures.

    Lovely Girl on Someone and Me Blog"doing research" Who does Google love more? ". Google responds to a request:“ 30 kb of ice cream, please! ”In different languages ​​and only in one case gives out ice cream.

    The author of the blog“ Details ”tells a nostalgic story about his modems . He starts from the very first and ends ADSL: "The first modem that came into my hands in the early 90s was a 2400 modem without error correction protocol. Needless to say, he did not take root? "Here is a dialogue of two incognito about two cups of tea .

    And Manic Weblog warns against the invention of a bicycle for a web framework. Quote: “The classic case of the invention of the bicycle is when a certain programmer, looking at some library, says to himself:“ Why such difficulties? ”And begins to sculpt something of his own, definitely“ correct ”and“ effective. ”Then it turns out that in the problem that he solves, there are much more difficulties and non-obviousness than was evident at the beginning. "

    In the last issue, I promised you that in each review there will be an opinion of one of the bloggers. He promised, but he was happy - the article will be bigger without my special efforts (after all, they pay for the volume). In general, I forgot about my promise, I punished myself. I will try to treat my sclerosis for the next review.

    Your personal aggregator Alexey KHALETSKY
    Published in Computer News (No. 2, 2006)

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