About patent trolls, copyright and so on

    I do not have a post, but the cry of the soul.

    For some reason I read a lot of posts on Habré, and with them comments. And very often in the comments people shout about patent trolling, about the abolition of copyright, copyrights and so on.

    For a short time of my life, I had the following opinion: Because if a person creates something, creates something and invents something (preferably useful), then he will forever remember this feeling. Therefore, when I read the words “patent trolling” once again, I understand that the person who wrote this is a useless unit of mass that can be ignored. And I clearly realize that there are an overwhelming majority of such here, and therefore the topic will go down very quickly. But perhaps these people will think (even for a second) that something is being done wrong in this life.

    Люди, которые никогда ничего не сделали (и не придумали, не изобрели) сами, громче прочих кричат о патентном троллинге, отмене авторского права и тд.

    Have a great weekend!

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