Warner Bros: We see piracy as an indicator of what users want

    David Kaplan , Head of Anti-Piracy Operations at Warner Bros., at the Anti-Piracy and Content Protection Summit to be held this week in Los Angeles, has the following message:
    ... we see piracy as an indicator of what users want

    ( Generally speaking, we view piracy as a proxy of consumer demand )

    Despite the fact that the main goal of the future summit will be to discuss and develop effective anti-piracy measures, we can say that companies producing content consider this phenomenon not only as a challenge to ourselves in terms of loss of potential income, and also as an opportunity to improve sales by exploring the illegal content market and further work in accordance with user expectations.

    Kaplan explained that his company and parent company Time Warner not only turn a blind eye to some obvious cases of copyright infringement, such as fan art, which does not pose a commercial threat, but even encourage such cases. Continuing the liberal note, Kaplan said that the highest priority in anti-piracy activities should be measures to eliminate the financial benefits of those who distribute illegal media products, offering users more convenient alternatives for consuming media content.

    It should be noted that yesterday a number of Hollywood studios decided to provide paid access to satellite and cable television subscribers for films currently being rented,

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