CA Matrix - Internet TV

    Have you ever wondered why IT people don't watch TV? It's simple - they are not interested there. In addition, they can get any information much faster and more accurately on the Internet. But still, sometimes it’s worth relaxing in front of a blue screen, especially when something interesting for you is coming. If in Korea and Japan there are entire channels for gamers, for example, then our television is clearly colder to computer things. But fortunately, the situation is gradually changing. In this post I want to present the Matrix program to the attention of the habro-community.

    The program comes out in Kazakhstan and Central Asia, which already says a lot =) But nevertheless, the program aims not only to tell a simple layman that there is something in the IT world, but sometimes it is useful for IT people themselves who can learn something new for themselves , because an Internet search makes us concentrate on the things that we do, and to broaden our horizons it is sometimes useful to watch such programs.

    The program has its own blog , in which it publishes its latest issues, and the site so that you can always reconsider the plot that interests you.

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