How to remove LJ

    Especially for paranoid, in connection with the latest events.

    When you delete your account on LiveJournal - only the blog is deleted, comments remain in other people's magazines. If you are so scared of bloody gebnya (tm) that you want to delete the magazine along with the comments, then the only way is to put the magazine under suspense.

    In particular, the easiest way to do this is to divulge someone’s personal data. It is enough to write something like “the user xyz is called Ivan Pyotr Mikhailovich” (the name does not have to be real), and ask xyz to complain about this post to the conflict commission. Freezing your account will be quick.

    If it doesn’t help, you can “publish” the number of your passport or credit card xyz - fictitious, of course :)

    But remember: what is written with a pen isnot cut down with an ax . All your _public_ posts and comments will live in search engine caches.

    PS no, I’m not going to delete my LiveJournal account, nor let it be suspended.

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