How to get into the Technorati Top 100 rating in 24 hours

    Technorati Rank depends on the number of blogs that link to you over the past six months. From one blog, only one link is determined, no matter how many times it is found there.

    To get into the Technorati Top 100 , you need to have about 4820 blogs that link to you. Blogs make it to the Top 100 in a few years, while it can be done in 24 hours! Well, let's begin ...

    The page shows the number of blogs that link to you. There were 3 links to me (translated on behalf of the author) from a separate independent blog, displayed with different authority. Obviously, Technorati recognized them as 3 different blogs, although they were parts of the same blog. An investigation into the issue showed that links to each other within the pages of this blog were also counted as "Authority" to others. Was there a Technorati mistake somewhere? Let's get to it ...

    Let's say in this example that you use Wordpress as a blogging platform and have Apache with activated mod-rewrite.

    Suppose you have a blog , then the pages should look like this:

    Technorati is able to detect that all of the above links correspond to one blog except for the last case - the standard page. If from this page there is a link to your blog or an entry in it, then this page will add “credibility” to your blog. Unless, of course, Technorati knows about the existence of this page.

    Confused, but we move on!

    When you publish a new post, the server pinged Technorati challenge page , Technorati and then retrieves the URL from the Referrer and passing through it, finds all the links on a page and stores them in a database. However, this will not happen if you publish the page. Workaround - manual ping from, this should increase the credibility of your blog by one.

    So, add the Begin With Me page to your blog with a link to some blog entry, it will be published at . Open the Technorati Ping page and add the URL of the new page ( Within a few minutes, your page will be discovered by Technorati and displayed on . The rating, however, can be added only after 24 hours, since it is not calculated on the fly, although it is determined with a constant interval - once or twice a day.

    The pages you ping do not have to be shown on the blog pages and they may be hidden to visitors / search agents.

    And after all this, will I be able to get into the Top 100?

    In fact, it all depends on your quickness (speed of creating new pages and their further pinging), as well as how quickly Technorati closes this bug. They can restrict manual pinging by IP address, or temporarily close the pinging form until they fix the error. Although, in the worst case scenario, your site may simply be banned.

    Now you saw how this is done - you can test your strength.

    via Jalaj P. Jha .

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