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    Spring came suddenly, immediately after three weeks of winter, and caught me deep depression. Melting ice and warming weather never boded well. Yes, this holiday sellers of flowers on the nose. By the way, I can share with you ideas about gifts for March 8th. For example, if you work in a women's team, feel free to give a pregnancy test to all lovely employees! A very useful thing in the household of any woman. Another universal gift is a kettlebell. Or a small weight weighing one kilogram. It is also useful to check that the market is not hung. You can, of course, give the blog, but it is commonplace. Therefore, let us again see them trite.

    On its blog, the SUP support service reportedthat the restriction on 750 "friends" that has been in force since 1999 has been lifted. Now users of improved and basic accounts can make up to 1000 friends and paid users up to 2000. I don’t understand why it is announced that the restriction will be lifted, if in fact this has not happened, but the threshold for the number of friends has been raised? In addition, the semantic load of the usefulness of this step is not yet clear to me. I want to look at people who are physically capable of reading the messages of a thousand and, especially, two thousand LJ users. The joy of the news will be experienced only by spammers who are already tapping their bots to cheat the blogs they need.

    The newspaper Kommersant conducted an analysis of blogs on the Russian Internet and established which events and news of February aroused the greatest interest of users. According to the analysis of blogs on the Russian Internet, the main news of February 2007 was the press conference of Vladimir Putin. Only in the first two days of February, 1,500 people commented on it. The most popular news are the news of the bombing of the McDonalds in St. Petersburg, the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the Oscars, and the passing of the poet Ilya Kormiltsev.

    Internet features talk in detail about the new online service - swiftPen. What does the new service do? Just allows you to post on your blog. Why do we need a separate site in order to post a blog post? Well, first of all, you can have several blogs, and doing cross-hosting is not the most rewarding task. Secondly, the admin could just block your access to the blog server, and you really want to leave a message. Thirdly, again, if you have a lot of blogs, then the entire message history will be stored in one place. In fact, the service has many advantages, it is a pity that it is slightly damp. We will follow the development of events, and the development, by the way, is Russian.

    If you are still not versed in LJ celebrities, then a quick reference guideon the first hundred of Yandex blog rating by Maxim Alexandrov especially for you! Moreover, this digest is not the first, so Max welcomes hundreds of newcomers and says goodbye to the losers who flew out of it from the last review. Everything is clear even without unnecessary gestures, nickname is a comment in one sentence. In principle, in order to have an interesting friend-tape, you just need to fund this very hundred of the best.

    Many people think that Ken Downing is a journalist, of which there are many at shows. In fact, he is the fashion director of the Neiman Marcus department store chain and has a blog on his website. This is the new marketing tactic that retailers have adopted. EBay also has its own blogger, Constance White, director of style. Typically, fashion bloggers sit in the front row, take notes, and after the show in their hotel room they bring all the records together and post them on the Web. Why directors of fashion stores started blogs, you can find on the website of Vedomosti.

    Oh, I’ve been saving the next text for a month now, to let it stand still, to get an endurance, like a good wine. The community of the glorious hero city of Minsk does not let the townspeople get bored, read the tearful mini-novels under the general name "Minsk stores and how we are served . "Handkerchiefs are not provided in the kit, so we use ours." Meanwhile, the line does not even think to decrease. I will say more - she froze in the same place. Ask what is the question? Yes, it’s just that three sellers work simultaneously in the department. Do you think that this increases the speed of service? Figures. One seller has been checking the battle for some strange cuckoo clocks for one and a half dozen minutes, the second is carefully looking at this process, holding the box from this model, the third writes something about this watch in a common notebook, asking the second, which, in its first, asks the first . "

    Citizens and citizens who decided to start a blog and chose WordPress for this purpose sometimes get lost in the wilds of a large number of plugins and do not know what to choose. And anyway, is it worth choosing. Well, the hamster is in a hurry to help! Here's an article that uses a typical blog to talk about the main plugins for WordPress.

    And now the bad news. If you downloaded WordPress 2.1.1 in the first four days of March, then your files may contain a backdoor, allowing a remote attacker to gain full control over the vulnerable site. The explanation says that after receiving messages from users, the developers checked the files published on the site and found that the distribution version 2.1.1 was changed and differs from the original. It turned out that a cracker gained access to the server serving and replaced two files (“theme.php” and “feed.php”) in the distribution, adding the ability to execute PHP code remotely. Only the distribution version 2.1.1 underwent a change, the rest remained untouched, according to Security Lab . The cure is simple - update the blog to version 2.1.2 and change all passwords.

    The topic of sex is not yet fully disclosed in our reviews, so read the article " Acquaintance on the net: finding happiness through LiveJournal ." What, however, is the optimistic conclusion of this text: “ I don’t want to scream, but if love didn’t work out, then under conditions of living, it’s almost impossible to part, maintaining dignity. condemnation. "Talk about it" with you, regardless of your desire. It’s good if you are an extrovert and capable of crying sweetly on the shoulders of friends, but if not, staying on the net can turn into torture . "

    And to conclude this review, by sending you an article about podcasting and its impact on business. The podcast, by the way, has recently become very interesting to me, so wait in the near future for several articles on this subject. Moreover, this is all closely intertwined with the territory of sound. It turns out that listening to the voice of a blogger saying smart things, and not just reading them on a monitor screen, is also a special pleasure. And I’ll definitely tell you the next time about the pleasure of dictating these smart things into the microphone.

    Valid state blogger Shusha Pepetskiy

    Published in Computer News (No. 10, 2007)

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