Blog Review # 25

    Somehow imperceptibly reviews of blogs appeared on Habré already 25 times! In this regard, I even allowed myself to sip a little bit of Chianti from the old stocks. In the dreary loneliness, noting this event (do not you think that I will share the Chianti with someone?), I am full of energy to write another 975 reviews. According to the most conservative estimates, the 1000th review of blogs should appear in the winter of 2025. A wonderful reason to live forever!

    Strange, but the World Cup does not think to end, but only gaining momentum! I am also happy for the Ukrainians, but after the defeat of the Spaniards I had to reassure one nice lady who was desperately rooting for them. But we're talking about blogs, right? So, a wonderful, in my opinion, commentator Vasily Utkin also has a blog. Naturally, about the world championship through the eyes of an eyewitness. It is noteworthy that the majority of records are near-football, which well conveys the atmosphere of the holiday that now prevails in Germany. You read and drooling - yet to see everything alive is not for you on TV.

    It turns out that there were a lot of films about the relationship between the gorilla and the woman (this is me about King Kong), but there were also posters for them. The foreigner Residential Galapagos was not too lazy and put together a large collection of posters. Posters from the 35th to the 59th years of the last century are presented. Pay attention not only to the evolution of images, but also to various movie titles.

    Tell me, do you like the Minsk metro? I find him sweet and very soulful. Of course, compared to Moscow, it is very tiny, but this makes it even more comfortable. But how do Muscovites themselves see our metro? He visited us and shares his impressions of the Minsk subway. I myself found out some facts with great surprise. It’s like that we don’t have metro schemes attached to the city map, because the metro lines form something like a swastika. It’s strange, but it’s such a card that hangs at my station, but I didn’t see the swastika there.

    The fact that in the USA itself is not so rosy with democracy as they want to show is clear to everyone. But that happened in the American province of ISprobably none of you can even imagine. I don’t want to tell everything, it’s better for you to follow the link and read it yourself. The author entitled his article “The American Taliban. 21st Century Slavery. ” And this is only the beginning, the first part, then in the diary, look for a sequel.

    What will happen if you combine several fairy tales into one? If Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh, Alice, the Hound of the Baskerville find themselves in the same story and act together? It will be very funny! A passerby was able to bring all these heroes together and forced to participate in an unimaginable booth. We read the story “ Crossroads ” without fail .

    In the last review, I mentioned the recording of Igor Karev, in which he talked about the hit parade of beauty contests. Now one more note from Igor, this timetop 10 unusual languages . These are not foreign languages, but those in our mouths. According to Igor’s classification, the language of man took the second prize, but we look at all the other laureates here. By the way, pay attention to the whole diary as a whole, because I want to bring to your attention another hit parade from Igor. This time the largest in the history of fraud associated with architectural attractions. It turns out, for example, that the French police calculated that the Louvre was sold in whole and in part, at least 18 times.

    The next note is called Life . The quote will best say: " Once again I was convinced today that the incredible twists and turns of events in television series are not the invention of the scriptwriters, but the reality of our life". The story is really creepy and incredible, in my opinion, you can hardly see such a thing even in the series.

    A wonderful confession (or maybe a composed story) called" The monologue of a woman who considers herself ugly . "It seems that the text is really plagued. Again quote : " At first I thought - well, nothing, it's teenage, now I’m ripening ... Then I examined myself in parts and thought - well, but I have nothing here ... but my hair is really great! And breast - because breast is important - awesome !!! Well, to hell with him, that the teeth and nose very long curves, too me great importance ... ".

    Shpuller in his diary tellsabout how, on June 2, 1967, in West Berlin, during the dispersal of a demonstration against the visit of the Iranian Shah, police officer Karlheinz Kurras clearly did not accidentally shoot student Benno Onesorg. This event is significant in that it became a turning point in the minds of many future terrorists, and some participants in this story became iconic political figures in German politics.

    The entire male population of the country is delighted with service in the armed forces. Naturally, they love to serve not only in our blue-eyed, but also in distant cold Israel. Noperapon created a whole series of articles about the Israeli army, and I give you a link only to the sixth series , the rest is not at all difficult to find. After reading the impression that the Israeli army is the most frostbitten in the world: "Instructors just climb over so that none of the new recruits sees them laughing, tired, sleepy or, for example, smoking. Such a spectacle will testify to them, instructors, humanity - and the soldier, do not forget, should see in them a formidable, inexorable and devoid of weaknesses higher power . "

    I think many have seen unusual images in which the laws of space are violated. You will see the following link not only these images, but also their analogs, made using the Lego constructor. Someone tried,

    and the last number we have are cartoons made of sand . Maybe someone already saw Ilan Yahav from ordinary sand and light creates amazing beauty If it’s not, then you urgently need to see it!


    Published in Computer News (No. 26, 2006)

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