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    And again, quite imperceptibly, the anniversary nineteenth issue of our reviews crept up. Like previous anniversaries (Nos. 4 and 11 ), this will be celebrated throughout the country. In this connection, the coming Saturday and Sunday are declared days off! And lately, letters, telegrams and parcels about reviews have come to me more and more often. Some letters contain links to blogs and requests that I necessarily mention these blogs in the next review. Others gently teach how to write these reviews correctly. And to those and other letters I rejoice immensely. And since today is our anniversary, I decided to take a close look at the material that I covered. So, this review will be about the best blogs over the past six months.

    Let's start with our Palestinians. Just a few days ago, the content project competition, which took place as part of the Internet Days, ended. Among the nominations were blogs. The winner was the blog " - two bucks of an adnago blogger ", the second place went to " Librarians of Belarus: Library Blog ", and the third to " Grodno entertainment blog s13 " and " Blog about Apple ". Decent sites, but, in my opinion, victories are not worthy. Yes, this proves once again that I do not understand blogs. I would give victory to Jamshid's blog. This site is the flagship of the Belarusian blogosphere after the untimely demise of inforedesign. Constant updates, interesting topics, several series, for example, “Pearl of subscribers”, original author's headings. That is, all that I like about blogs can be found in Jamshid's blog. The blog specializes in mobile communications (especially since the author works in one Belarusian mobile operator) and IT. Competitions are, of course, good, but the jury does not always choose the best. And only I, the great and terrible Leshka Khaletsky, can I advise really interesting things! Waiting for admiration on the forum. And this, unfortunately, is all about Belarus.

    The blog " Sunday bytes " appeared more than once in our reviews". The author of the blog, Anton Antich, works at the Moscow office of the Microsoft small office. The thematic focus of the blog follows: firstly, you can find out a lot of interesting things about the internal structure of the mega-corporation; secondly, firsthand reports on the development and release of the new MS oN;. Thirdly, useful articles about business and management from a knowledgeable and understanding in this matter of human Additionally, Anton was the ideologue and one of the founders of the project Blogus This is not a blog, but a kind of hits blogging and statistics is not considered.. about the number of visitors and the links to the site, which is a remarkable definition of authority. You can look at "Blogus" to see the hundred most influential blogs at the moment.

    What could be more natural than a journalist’s blog? Vladislav Surnin - a Kiev journalist, and even the author of the blog " Details ". Also a frequent guest in our reviews. Of course, the form of presentation of the material is interesting, because a professional journalist will not write nonsense. The most frequently raised topics are literature, philosophy, and, of course, the Internet. In addition, Vladislav is a good photographer, whose work was published in the media, so photo lovers will also be interested in looking at the blog "Details". I always liked people with their personal opinions, especially if they are not afraid to express this opinion.

    Dmitry Davydov is the author of the blog “ Marketing in a Small Town ”, which made a lot of noise.". The" noise "was that everyone argues with the author hoarsely, trying to prove to him that he is a layman and writes nonsense. But Dima is not distracted by arguments and continues to publish wonderful articles almost every day. I think from the titles are clear for the blog, but I advise everyone to read the texts because they are literally interesting. For example, I’m not absolutely interested in marketing, but I look forward to every new publication on this blog. Perhaps this effect is achieved by Dima sharing his life experience? it’s really a diary that has informational value, but if you are a marketer or copywriter, then reading this blog is your direct responsibility!

    I would never forgive myself if I hadn’t mentioned blog. As the title says, this blog post has a “daily overview of ways to hack the universe.” Do not be alarmed by such a long and confusing definition - nothing sophisticated in netuti texts. I’ll try to explain the topic of the blog as easily as possible - various ways to change my own life. No, this is not about radical hairstyles or tips "how to quit her husband." Here the texts are rather about a comfortable life, how to organize work or household chores. For example, there is an article on the blog “How not to die by the machine or the secrets of productivity in the workplace”. I honestly admit that I have not changed my life under the influence of this blog, but this is rather a minus to me, and not to the author. So if you feel that life is too complicated, take a look at (damn it, almost advertising a helpline).

    And we don’t forget about webmasters - hello, Andrey! Also, Nikita Vakorin, the author of the wonderful blog, does not forget about them . The title says that this blog is for web enthusiasts. And who are we all, if not web enthusiasts? In Moscow, a highway is even named after us. So, Nikita in his blog constantly publishes notes on web development. Most often, articles about CSS come across, but other areas of coding do not suffer from a lack of attention. Please note that the blog peacefully coexists both author's articles and translations from foreign sources. So a comprehensive look is guaranteed. Unfortunately, I do not understand web development so well as to assess Nikita’s competency, readers will do it for me.

    Maxim Makarenkov, editor-in-chief of Enter magazine, writes and publishes stories in Boris Natanovich Strugatsky’s journal “Midday XXI Century”, collaborates with various online and offline publications. Are you already interested in reading his Informburo blog ? It is a pity that Maxim has recently become less likely to write on his blog, but every time I read his notes with great pleasure. I strongly recommend that all novice authors look into the "For Authors" section, perhaps it is from there that you will begin your journey into the great literature.

    So, I took care of webmasters, but forgot about programmers? I am correcting what Ivan Sagalaev helps me with his " Manic Weblog". I always considered programmers to be people of this world. However, if they also blog, then there is still humanity in them. If I have little knowledge of web layout, then programming for me is something otherworldly, so the quality of the blog , again, I don’t dare to evaluate. I judge by the number of comments that Ivan’s every post always has a lot of. So, they read him and his articles evoke a response.

    It’s always nice to read thematic blogs, especially when people write them “in the subject.” Timothy Whole just such a person and we are lucky that he decided create an online business blog today". Timofey has been doing business on the Web for more than five years now, so the topic is oriented like a fish in water. That is why his notes have appeared more than once in our reviews. According to the author, the blog is aimed mainly at publishing foreign business news in the Internet (Timofey believes that this word is not inclined) and various studies of Western marketers.In his publications, he tries to select interesting, useful and important material from different areas of electronic business that may interest most entrepreneurs,

    and in the penultimate paragraph of my review, I note the blog of our regular Anton Merkurov. I would give this magazine the definition of “cultural” in the sense that the notes are mainly devoted to various cultural events and, in general, to art, although Anton himself calls his blog “interesting about different things”. The topic is clear, because Anton is a descendant of the famous photographer Sergey Merkurov. Speaking of great-grandfather, Anton created a separate site.

    Just as quietly as our anniversary commencement began and ended. I am waiting for critical letters and comments on the forum from you - did you like this form of review or should you return to links to specific articles? Congratulations to all with the beginning of spring and vitamin deficiency, your

    blogger and hamster Alyakseychik KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 14, 2006)

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