Blog Review # 16

    • The unenviable fate of Russian startups
    • Seven Stages RSS Reader
    • How to survive a tester?
    • Men's logic vs. Women's Logic
    • How to become extravagant?
    • and much more

    As you know, you can observe three things for an infinitely long time: how visitors communicate on the forum of the Computer News newspaper, how I write another review of blogs and the game Freundlich and Myagkov in the film “Office Romance”. It’s great that all these three pleasures are available to our readers! So let's get to the next review!

    Sunday bytes tell us about this sweet word alumni. In general, the idea of ​​the whole note boils down to the question: “Why is the Harvard budget three billion dollars, and the budget of the entire Russian Academy of Sciences only 1?” In reflection, the author finds the answer - we (after all, this applies to Belarus) do not have this alumni. Adequate translation of this word into Russian is unknown to the author, but it means people who have studied at this university. That is, abroad, they are happy to support their alma mater financially. For example, a two-thirds Harvard budget consists of such investments. Entertaining study.

    The blog about internet marketing also poses questions - and answers them itself. Today you have to read the answer to the question: " search engine optimization is a long time ... or not?". Once upon a time, registration in directories, link exchange and page optimization provided very good results, which remained for a fairly long time after the work. But now directories and search engines are fighting against SEO. So who will win?

    Sometimes frightening names are hidden by lovely people. For example, for some reason, Manic Weblog writes not about dismemberment, but very much about wiki . The author not only admires the technology itself (it saved him a lot of time when writing and documentation), but it also compares two engines for wiki. So for those who want to use wiki, but are shy, the article will be a gentle push. By the way, I also wrote about this at the time

    The wheel man is making fun things. Now his thoughts are exclusively occupied by the Noogenous machine . In fact, it’s quite difficult for me to convey the very idea of ​​this concept. This is not something tangible, mechanical, but a certain principle of creativity. For example, the alphabet is undoubtedly a noogenic machine. In general, follow the link and read. It will be interesting, especially to people of a creative warehouse.

    In her notebook Anelka talks about Just Work. This “just work” was in a rehabilitation center. I’ll allow myself a quote: “Do you know what salaries the employees of rehab centers? Correctly are scanty. Do you know what holidays? Correctly - at your own expense. Do you know what benefits those who work with this social category are correct? No. And Do you know what psychological, emotional, material, physical stress and responsibility? Correctly - unbearable. That's why the staff turnover is terrible. And I left. " Now in the blog you can read as many as three stories about Anelka’s work in the re-center. Perhaps there will be a sequel. Vital and nasty.

    I advise all foodies to visit the blog Gluttony. I think you understood from the name that the blog is dedicated to cooking various dishes. I highly do not recommend reading it on an empty stomach, otherwise you will choke on saliva. Solyanka, sloths, Christmas goose, pancakes, baked vegetables, cake - all this you can cook thanks to the blog “Gluttony”. Damn, we need to take money for advertising.

    ZOO magazine reflects on the unenviable fate of Russian startups . It goes to everyone - and site builders, and PR managers, and even self-flagellation is a place. The text itself is wonderful - literary and with droplets of bile, which I really love. So novice web entrepreneurs should read to get rid of pink glasses.

    Pavel Kupriyanov in his Marginal Notes rejoices in sales growthlicensed software. True, such joy occurs only in one company, but judging by the statistics presented, the general licensed bright tomorrow is very close with us. Maybe really tomorrow.

    The New Business blog is talking about the Trott couple - those who own Six Apart, developed the Movable Type platform and bought Livejournal. The article is generally devoted to the new development of the spouses - the Comet program and discussions about the future of blogs. But visitors to our forums already know this future - blogs will die in terrible agony literally next week.

    A blog with a wonderful Dostoevsky title Idiot pleases us with an article on American Freedom of Speech, or how to write a passage article". As it is fashionable today, it goes to the American way of life. More precisely, the legal component of this life. Quote:" On an unspecified day last week, an employee of a federal agency, whose name cannot be given, delivered a document that we cannot name, a company whose name we cannot disclose, with a request for information that cannot be publicly discussed. "A

    blog with a dreamy name ZOOB shares with us seven stages of reading an RSS feed. An in-depth study of the topic and probably experienced The impact of RSS helped the author to create the image of a person tortured by RSS, that is, you and I. In general, the article is humorous, so you should not take it seriously in any case.

    Software Review is fully consistent with its name and reviews plugins for Firefox . March review, the latest news, it’s only a pity that there are not many plugins. I like to hang myself a bunch and wait five minutes for Firefox to load.

    Pepsimist complains about the hard life of an owl . I think my readers are quick-witted and immediately realized that we are talking about owl people who like to go to bed later. Let's support comrade, I am also an “owl” (this is a plus to the fact that I am a hamster) and early awakenings are the worst thing for me. Maybe cancel the morning altogether?

    The Bug Hunter's Blog takes care of testers and pampers them with the note " Where to get the requirements, or how to survive the tester?"The article discusses the search for documentation, communication with the project manager and developers, with the customer. That means everything that annoys the tester during work. I

    invite everyone to participate in an interesting game that takes place every day in the nosensemusic community . The point is to guess about which song is spoken by three clues. If you guess with one clue, you get three points, and so on. There are no goals, in principle, or prizes. Only the excitement of music lovers.

    Well, if you are a lover of various puzzles, then you urgently need to community with one thing it is the name zagadki . Anyone can publish their puzzles and unravel the strange thing. trains the mind and wit, recommended by leading nutritionists (not sure why).

    A short note on the eternal theme of male and female logic . I continue to claim that we are from different planets.

    Wonderful advertising creative is published by Good Gene in the shtuki community. I would definitely buy such packages for myself, only I replaced the photos on some of them - with those corresponding to my mood. Creativity to the masses!

    And the last link in our review is a fun little article " How to become extravagant ." As always, quote: "Bring the speakers to work and connect them to the computer. Launch some pornographic toy with the appropriate sounds, and in response to the comments of your colleagues in an impressive tone, ask them not to distract you from work."

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    Published in Computer News (No. 11, 2006)

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