Blog Review # 8

    Due to the New Year celebrations this week, bloggers showed little activity. Flocked languidly next to tables on which salads smoked. Despite the corrupting atmosphere of the holidays, a review to be! Well, am I not a hero?

    Of course, everyone summed up. Consolidated debit with a loan for the year. They handed out elephants and congratulated everyone who can read. Some results will be interesting to us.

    My favorite blog about advertising in one post gathered all the topics for the year that were actively discussed or aroused some interest. Twenty those that shocked the world.

    Cssing congratulates everyone on the upcoming holidays and also publishes a list of twentymost popular blog topics. Most posts on various fun ways to use CSS.

    The blog " Details " has collected as many as 24 interesting , according to the author, posts for the year and issues them on one page.

    Even the blog of one well-known Russian search engine in the person of the project director sums up . The results are joyfully enthusiastic about the fact that the director works in this company. Among the results is the expression “work as yourself”, which I really liked.

    "Internet Business Today" talks about a very convenient plug-in for the FireFox browser (and what, are there other browsers?) - it allows bloggers to post from any web page open in the browser. I have already tried this plugin and find it useful and vital. Continuing the theme of plugins for Firefox, the blog intruder's register talks about an even more useful addition - Blogger Web Comments . The essence of the plugin: during your surfing on the Web, when you go to the next page, he searches for the address of this page in a search for Google blogs and thus gives you all the links to blog posts that discussed the page you visited. The results are accurately displayed in the window in the lower right corner of the browser. Everyone is strictly required to install!

    In the same intruder's register there is a note about the need to update old messages so that people who go to the record from search engines always get the latest information. Customer care.

    In the " Strelka Lab " they again cannot get along with the military registration and enlistment office. Police came with the author with two submachine gunners and delivered a sleepy man to the police station on police bobik. Quite recently, I myself had fun in our military enlistment office, it turns out that in Russia it is just as fun. With stories about visiting this vicious place, you can speak at the Palace of the Republic and get sick of big money. Although I, like the author, feel sorry for the time spent communicating with the military. No war! In the same blog, the following message will be useful for those who like to download software from the Internet, an overview of Runet's software storage sites .

    The author of " Weblog " scoffs at poor Word, making him blush and remember different swear words. In the process of fun, it turns out that the Word knows all these words, but at first he was simply embarrassed to admit it.

    Already, many managed to write that on the search now works on the Yandex engine, although it used to give Google results. It is interesting that both companies have not yet commented on this in any way, but bloggers are engaged in comments with might and main, for example, " Blog about Internet marketing " (there I read this news earlier than others).

    ZOO Magazineknocks out money ”, that is, it summarizes the knowledge gained over the past year. Moreover, these generalizations are on the topic "Why do I need blogs?" It turns out that they are still needed for some reason.

    " Blohnnot"it is justified why it doesn’t write anything about Yandex, although the author works there. In the process, we still learn something interesting about the Russian search monster. For example, the company has a constant shortage of coffee cups!

    Kolesnik became Grandfather in connection with the New Year holidays In the cold, we offer everyone a gift - he will write on your blog about your project , if you ask him about it, of course.

    The fmm blog has a small summary based on recent events in the cramped world of the Internet. It got like three whales (Google, "Yahu" and "Microsoft"), ak and some Russian projects. Belarus, it seems, just do not exist.

    Hvostwith another article that will be interesting to all owners of Palm . Benchmarks and tests are being observed.

    The " New Business " blog has an interesting article about effective teamwork . I’d better quote: "A person naively believes that if he knows, then others also know. This is akin to the infantile state when everyone should be worn around him with diapers and diapers. Actually, it’s not at all. Nobody owes anything."

    MadDog's Blog talks about the third issue of Open Source Magazine . Review of interesting articles.

    Traditionally we focus on LiveJournal.

    Igor Ponochevny tells a storyfrom my childhood. "When I was little, I sometimes saw the space pilot Gagarin, who, while traveling in Leningrad, often went to visit my uncle, Oleg Vyacheslavovich Kovalsky, in his communal apartment on Pryazhka."

    Sherlock Sebastian introduces us to 35 facts about filming a film about Sherlock Holmes, and about the character himself. For example, such a fact: “The porridge, which was specially cooked by the props assistant, was so tasty that at the end of the shooting day they brought another saucepan to the pavilion, but much more - for the whole crew”.

    Carlson's Viceroy on Earth publishes a small correspondencefrom the 12th century. The meaning of the message boils down to the fact that modern curses are somewhat faded, compared with the Old Slavic. I tend to agree.

    Moscowtalk shares an overheard dialogue between a guy and a girl.

    The izdato community is discussing co- writing a book . How productive is such a job? Known cases of co-authorship, and how responsibilities and fees were distributed.

    Well, I will advise the entire blog as a whole - plazmatronic . The guy live talks about his experiences in the field of pickup. No, this is not about cars.

    Now in each review you can read the opinion of one of the bloggers on the events of the past week. This is done in order to present the opinion of those who are on the other side of the barricades. After all, I consider all blog entries from the point of view of the reader. So, Anton Merkurov , whose blog has repeatedly visited the pages of the newspaper , will be noted first . Thanks Anton for responding to my request. Here is a blogger’s opinion:

    “In the last week of the past year, most bloggers wrote holiday greetings and went on a well-deserved New Year’s vacation. They discussed the release of Wordpress 2.0 (, which is certainly a major event in the“ technical ”part of the blogosphere, as well as the release of the updated skin K2 (, which is deservedly considered the most popular theme for Wordpress, so those who smoothly moved to the computer because of the New Year’s table can start updating both Wordpress and K2 there are many interesting features, so I advise Well, for those who, after a stormy New Year’s celebration, want a cultural program, it’s recommended to go to the premiere of “Day Watch.” According to the laws of the genre, you should put a link to a review of the “Watch” from some blogger here. . There will be no link. Blog reviews are good (search on the phrase “Day Watch” on blogs - And there is no point in reading reviews. Go - at least you won’t regret it. And most importantly: I congratulate everyone on the New Year. All the best, happiness, success and other joys. "

    Your personal aggregator Alexey KHALETSKY

    Published in Computer News (No. 1, 2006)

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