What cars do bloggers drive?

    Preface: I am correcting and publishing the text completely on Habré.

    Sunday is a great day! You can relax - smoke a cigarette, make coffee and calmly see what kind of cars your colleagues drive :)
    - Jeremy Schoemaker  drives an  H2 Hummer (> 2 million rubles).
    - John Chow  on Acura TL  (> 1.5 million rubles).
    - Guy Kawasaki on Honda Odyssey  (1.4 million rubles), 2  Toyota Siennas , Audi S6 Avant (4 million rubles).
    - Darren Rowse  at the  Honda CRV Sport  ($ 35,330 to $ 42,956) and Holden Barina .
    - Our Dimok  drives a Subaru Legacy Outback (~ 1.1 million rubles).
    - Ar2r has a  good Toyota RAV4 (~ 1 million rubles).
    - Sergey Zhukovsky  used to drive a VW Touareg 2004 . Now he wants to buy a  Mercedes S500 .

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