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    You took a dove by its wings and put a three-liter in a jar ... It
    died out, played, the award ceremonythe best content projects, and I’m just destined to express my opinion on this. To begin with, there were surprisingly few blogs claiming victory - only 15 pieces. Perhaps the ignorance of Belarusian bloggers about the contest played a role. I myself feel guilty about this, it so happened that the release of the blog review, which talked about the possibility of filing applications for the competition, appeared on the last day of the reception of the contestants. And many bloggers, even learning about the contest, could no longer participate in it. We continue by expressing our perplexity about the winners in the "Blogs" nomination. Not going to dispute the first place " Ladies in Search"- a charming, but at the same time" in the subject "blog. I would give the first place to others, for example, to myself, but thank God no one in the jury called me. And here is the second place of the" Blog about Belarusian blogs and bloggers " it looks strange to me personally. Like the fact that they didn’t give a third to anyone. Alexey Skalaban, the author of the “Blog about ...”, already last year took second place in the same category with his project “ Librarians of Belarus: Library Blog". No, I don’t feel sorry for another prize for the namesake, and I’m not jealous of him for writing about blogs. It just seems to me that the" Blog about ... "is actually not a blog. This is such a news site, but not a blog at all, it’s just TUT.BY that you need to advertise your own services, and Alexey’s blog just happened to be located on a blog service that has not yet been launched (by the way, an amazing fact) from the megaportal, that is, several birds with one stone are killed by the organizers - Prizes, it seems, are distributed, but remain in the family. Moreover, this can be said about others nominations. Although I by no means condemn TUT.BY. If Computer News held a competition for the best IT journalist in Belarus and didn’t leave all the prizes in the editorial office, there would be no limit to my surprise. I’m only sorry that I don’t others were noted, it seems to me, more worthy blogs. Anyway, against the background of other nominations, “Blogs” looked somewhat poor. I really wanted to talk about all this disgrace with Alexei Skalaban, and with Artem Gerasimovich (the jury member who was just blogging), and with Alexander Oakley, but I could not attend the after party (which for some reason was called a banquet), and during the ceremony they were allowed only to yawn, and not talk through the crawl. However, we are trying to discuss this topic in and during the ceremony they were allowed only to yawn, and not talk through the crawl. However, we are trying to discuss this topic in and during the ceremony they were allowed only to yawn, and not talk through the crawl. However, we are trying to discuss this topic inGoogle Groups and I ask you also to join our dispute. And I want to worry about the statement by Yuri Zisser that, in his opinion, all these social networks and Web 2.0 are a soap bubble and do not represent anything significant. True, he later added that his colleagues did not share this opinion. I hope that soon Cyril Voloshin and Sasha Chekan will overthrow the leader, imprison him at the cottage somewhere under Madel, and they themselves will lead TUT.BY to the complete and final Web 2.0! Well, or at least the Web 2.1.

    I will smile like a Buddha ...
    The next paragraph will be devoted to lamentations about the propagation of blogging services by budding throughout Baynet. Belarus will soon be ahead of the rest in terms of the number of services for maintaining and creating its own blogs per capita. What for? How are people going to return the funds and forces invested in this? Already, there are at least four purely Belarusian projects, so the fifth arrived in time - . Above the press release about the opening I laughed even my cat Waffles. Just look at the original features that the new service offers us: "Blogging is not easy, but really easy! Just enter the text in a special field and press the button. All your notes will be sorted by the date they were posted. Ability to use RSS to post blog updates and comments“And so on ... If it had appeared even four years ago, we would all have let out a friendly breath:“ Wow! ”- and sat down in respectful curtsy. However, today you won’t be surprised by the WordPress engine, and you won’t be lured by listing the banal functions. by chance, I want to appeal from the pages of the newspaper with a request to all Belarusian developers who are going to launch another blogging service for the masses in the near future: “If you are so unbearable, then make a better clone of some fresh startup, which so far has only one thing, yes and it’s in English. And forget about blogs, there are so many very, very many of them. Please, I beg you very much! "

    And now about the good one. About a good blog - Belarusian blog about various IT-trifles and usefulness. Moreover, the blog is collective, at the moment there are three people in the authors, but, as I understand it, the team of authors is not limited by anything. There are not many notes yet, but judging by the start, there are a lot of interesting things ahead of us. And now you can already read several interesting articles, for example, " Assessment of the user interface by non-specialists ." Honestly, it’s nice to find projects that were created not just “anyhow we had a blog,” but with a soul.

    Take care of yourself, be careful ...
    In the United States developed a " Blogger Code", which establishes self-censorship on the Web. From now on, according to the author of the initiative, users must independently abandon the use of abusive language, slander and even respect copyrights and the right to privacy. The blogger’s code was developed by" network old-timer "Tim O'Reilly. K he was pushed to implement this idea by the harassment of threats unleashed on blogs by the programmer Kathy Sierra, the woman was even forced to close her blog and abandon network communication. the problems that she had to endure on the part of "morally flawed" network users. The problem raised raised a new philosophical question about the degree of human freedom. Now this first "code of laws" for the Internet community should be evaluated by other bloggers, who can even make corrections to it. The same rules apply to attempts to spread slander on blogs, as well as materials that violate copyright or the right to privacy. However, the Codex caused a double reaction among bloggers themselves. In particular, opponents of this initiative explain their position by the fact that the presence of special freedom in the blogosphere is its main difference. After all, it is not a school library or a mass media in the usual sense.

    PR-partner agency PR Partner was the first in the history of Russian PR to offer its customers to use a new tool - press release 2.0 - when working with the media. In the press releases of version 2.0, in addition to the news of the company that forms the basis of the message, journalists receive concentrated information from several independent sources on the topic of the release. The editions are given not only a look at the news report from within the company, but also the opinions of other market participants. In addition to the “body” of news and already bored quotes from company representatives, press release 2.0 from the PR Partner PR agency contains sections such as links to the latest media reports on the topic, links to corporate blogs and podcasts, to online communities of company clients. There is an element of interactivity in new press releases - the ability to ask the speaker a question via the Internet, . Even if you do not pay attention to the pathos “first in history”, the fact itself and the trends are quite remarkable - the ideas of web 2.0 are beginning to be applied in everyday life, they become clear not only to computer freaks, but also to ordinary business people. It is very interesting what can ultimately come out of such a symbiosis.


    Published in Computer News (No. 15, 2007)

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