One and a half million old documents will be posted on the Web

    Now many organizations are translating ordinary books and valuable documents into digital copies. The project, which is organized by the Vatican and Oxford University, is one of the largest in this field. The Vatican Library and the Bodleian Library of Oxford are about to digitize about one and a half million ancient manuscripts and printed books.

    According to the initiators of the project, the documents of Ancient Greece, the first printed books and other similar works will be digitized. Currently, all of these documents exist only in the form of a hard copy, so it is rather difficult to study them. But after digitization, the documents will be available to all specialists. Accordingly, the process of studying such documents is greatly simplified.

    The documents that will be digitized include Gutenberg's books, old copies of the Bible (already printed), and other rarities. Handwritten copies of the works of ancient authors, including Hippocrates, Homer, Sophocles and many others, will also undergo digitization. Of course, such a large project requires significant financial investments. The sponsor in this case is the Polonsky Foundation. For the implementation of the project allocated 2 million pounds.

    All digitized documents will be placed in the so-called fund of the World Digital Library. This library contains documents from collections and library storages of dozens of countries (173 countries).

    Via guardian

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