Guardian releases discussion rules

    imageThe Guardian has published recommendations for journalists on blogging and communities .

    I liked the list of eight recommendations for its brevity and intelligibility, so I’ll list them all:
    1. Participate in discussions on our content and take responsibility for starting the discussion.
    2. Focus on positive discussion by recognizing and encouraging intellectual input.
    3. Do not respond to aggressive behavior, but report it (to the administrator).
    4. Link to sources and encourage others to do the same.
    5. If possible, show personal interest. Be open about your attitude, point of view, previous coverage of a topic or character.
    6. Be careful with fuzzy facts or opinions. Keep in mind the possibility of misunderstanding or misunderstanding.
    7. Encourage readers to point of view, additional knowledge and experience. Greet their input.
    8. Illustrate our standards in what you write and comment on.
    The most important seems to me an emphasis on personality and openness.
    Speak openly with people and welcome their openness towards you.

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