Wikileaks founder accused of embezzlement

    Since December last year, received donations worth more than € 400 thousand, but spent only € 30 thousand. Where is the rest of the money and why Wikileaks does not pay the promised lawyer for Bradley Manning , who is now sitting in a military prison for posting secret videos on Wikileaks American army?

    These questions address vBulletin asks Henrik Fulda (Hendrik Fulda), vice-president of the non-profit German organization Wau Holland Foundation, which collects donations to Wikileaks via PayPal and bank transfers (payments via Moneybookers come directly to Wikileaks). Wikileaks representatives themselves do not report on income or expenses.

    According to Fulda, part of the money raised was spent on travel expenses of project founder Julian Assange and employee Daniel Schmitt, as well as the purchase of servers and hosting. Where the rest went is incomprehensible.

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