Reuters journalists forbidden to leak on Twitter

    Yesterday, the largest news agency Reuters published rules for interacting with social media for its journalists, with detailed instructions on what the employees of the company should not do on the Internet during their duties.

    One of the main prohibitions - in no case can you post on Twitter any messages about current events. It's not that the journalist first publishes a message on Twitter, and then sends the material to the publisher. This is a complete ban on the topic. Even after sending the material, you need to remain silent on social media.

    The new rules contain a number of other prohibitions. For example, journalists are obliged to coordinate with their bosses any use of twitter for professional purposes, carefully check the content of their messages before publication, avoid mentioning personal information (especially political beliefs), and divide professional and personal activity into two accounts.

    The message of the new policy is obvious. Twitter is seen as a threat to professional media and all professional journalism in principle.

    via Mashable

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