Blog Inspiration Diseases: Good, Bad, Angry

    Today I write about the problems in the Art Blogs (Inspiration blog), which I am fond of. What is an Inspiration blog? This is a blog that helps inspire inspiration.

    On the general wave of popularity, I also created a blog. After ~ a year of working on it, wandering around the network and observing, I will talk about such a picture.

    Now creating a blog is not something complicated. Anyone in 15 minutes can create a blog, set it up and start posting, a bunch of free services offer to do this on their sites (blogger, tumblir) or on their hosting (wordpress).

    Art blogs have a couple of diseases:

    1. Multidimensional graphics.
    2. The randomness of the filling.
    3. Informational content.
    4. With the advent of the crisis, blogs are overgrown with advertising like adhesive tape - flies.
    5. Copying the same information from larger resources.

    1. Multidimensional graphics

    It's all about the perception of information by our brain, science has proved that a person perceives information from the screen 30% worse than from a piece of paper, which already lowers the level of perception from 100% to 70%.

    The first factor in human perception is size. if all the graphics in the Art blog are of different sizes, then I see a huge problem in this blog. After 4-5 pages of viewing such a blog, everything slowly and confidently turns into a mess, because the brain gets tired every time to reconfigure to a new graphic size.

    2. The randomness of the filling

    Content is king, everyone knows that. But when a blog on one page has a couple of t-shirt designs, an interior, a new gadget, a couple of pictures and photos, it seems to me that this blog has a problem.
    Many may be against it, but my opinion is that the blog should be more or less focused, no matter how, by topic or style.

    3. Informational content

    Very often on blogs there are image slides, without a signature, without a link to the owner, which automatically turns the blog into an anonymous gallery, which very quickly bothers due to the lack of an aiketer, which is the text. Not to mention rights.


    4. Blog Advertising

    If it’s 1-2 banners, then it’s not critical, but if there are dozens of banners, as a result of which the size of the informative part very often is less than half of the entire page - it infuriates.

    5. Copying information

    Yes, you can often find 10 identical blogs in a row (which is easy to track on the same tumblir), they seem to me useless clones.

    And so, which inspection blog is good?
    A blog that is easy to read is good, the information is new and interesting, there is something to read.
    the example is very cool, and you always want to come back to it.

    And the conclusions? One conclusion, do not make these mistakes.

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