4 steps to become a new media

Original author: Judy Sims
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Translator's note: What is a new type of media company, I wrote here and here . I wrote about how such an organization works here , here and here . The business models for her are here , here and here .
This article describes how to become such a new media company, how to restructure the work of your media in a new way. I am not fully translating the article, only the most important postulates.


- Where do organizations of a new type come from?
- There are no restrictions, but now local newspapers are most suitable for this.
- Why?
- Due to the fact that they have direct contact with small businesses, advertisers of their city, district.

So, how to transform a district into a new organization in 4 easy steps.

Step 1. Create a separate company or division.
Her office should be as far away as possible from the old edition. Put an individual manager, editor, web developer, and online advertising agent in the office. The team is likely to increase in number, but it does not matter. The important thing is that she will create an independent model, using only relations with advertisers of her parent company.

Step 2. Build the verticals.
Vertical is a certain subject. So create highly targeted thematic sites and sections. In them, you will sell ads more easily. Let them become exhaustive sources of information on their topic for residents of your city.
- Use the news of the parent company, give links to competitors.
- Give links to information about the life of your particular territory. How to get permission to build a house? Who is responsible for housing and communal services? Many local government sites are inconvenient to use. If you publish information at home, people will contact you, not them.
- Publish hours of local clinics, shops, pharmacies, and ratings for schools and kindergartens. Ask readers to let you know about changes to this data.
- In each vertical, make a catalog of organizations and a calendar of events. This will attract additional advertising. Let readers rate these events and write reviews. And let the business itself update its pages, price lists, etc.
- Build a community. Give people the opportunity to create their own pages (profiles), post comments and photos. Ask them to report news and ask questions for upcoming interviews. And then ask the commentators to discuss them.
- Post discount coupons, sales information, etc.

Step 3. Supervise the ecosystem.
Find the best bloggers in your city. Hire or cooperate with them so that each vertical is filled with content. Unopened topics fill in expert opinions, suggest open topics to other bloggers. Help young (or retired) talents, teach them how to write blogs. Open the API, make widgets.

Step 4. Make an ad network in the style of Glam.com.
Use your ecosystem to create an ad network. Link, link, link. Send traffic vertically, from vertical to blogs, from blogs to the home page, from there to the vertical, etc.
Do not sell just banner ads. Sell ​​packages. For example, a banner + company page in the catalog + links to the site + sponsorship section. Help the advertiser find the right audience, fight for the effectiveness of his advertising budgets.

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